Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Toyota 86 Hachiroku Convertible Ready to Roll in 2013

Toyota 86 Hachiroku Convertible Ready to Roll in 2013. After getting a lot of awards as the best coupe car on a car that was issued mid-2012 that is now the 86 toyota Toyota is working on another variant of the Toyota 86 that is for the type of car Convertible. With an aggressive design typical of young children naturally if toyota 86 have many takers though high-priced around 600 millions.

This news was reported by Autocar, Toyota will soon introduce a convertible version of the Toyota 86 in the middle of next year precisely in March 2013 when the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

Toyota designers worked hard to create a car convetible this time the article to maintain a minimum weight of the car when running hard. In addition to the back of the passenger seat so that the car will pass this spring pure coupe only has 2 passenger seat and adds special. For power generated will probably remain the same as the standard version due to Toyota 86 type is now carrying capacity of 2.0 L boxer engine and can give off power to 200 hp.

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