Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Car Tips Flood Time

Car Tips Flood Time. If the rains come in several areas of Jakarta and its surroundings flooding has become an annual routine. Adverse natural conditions these road users such as cars and motorcycles. Because there are types of cars that can not stand the flood, if the car is hit by floods could total dead so it can not be used. Just imagine if you are stuck in the car in the middle of a flood, definitely uncomfortable.

Tips on Dealing with Flood Cars

1. At the time of heavy rains try to remain calm and focused on the development of traffic that occurs. Can be through radio or television channel.

2. Avoid flood-prone areas. If the flooding was not reversed flood broke through if possible. Because the cars are usually from the flooded car is experiencing congestion prolonged.

3. When the road requires passing seek a higher road surface so that your new car a little waterlogged. Or stop waiting for the floods to recede.

4. For those of you who break through the glass wiper flooding can cause jams. If this happens look for the nearest shop and buy a dab of soap. Apply the soap lengthwise on the upper part of the windshield. Because the soap directly causing rain water tumbling down without disturbing the view. Drive through a puddle of water slowly not speeding. Because if water gets into the engine air filter can cause sudden death.

5. After passing through the floodwaters must be checked is the brake the car. Because of this one component can be damaged if submerged in water long enough.

6. Bring to a reliable car repair shop to resolve some issues that arise after the flood. Or just a check-up.

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