Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

'Baby CR-V' arrives in Indonesia

'Baby CR-V' arrives in Indonesia. The issue of the presence of the Honda CR-V small version has been rolling since at present in American auto show, North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January 2013.

In Indonesia, the presence information of new cars CR-V urban version also diidentitaskan as 'baby CR-V' also blowing since early last year. Now the latest info ensure its presence in Indonesia.

"Baby CR-V was studied, a smaller model of the CR-V cars in existence today. Honda later ones (from Indonesia) will be sent to Thailand to learn it, "said a source who knows the plan on Sunday (9/6).

The real curious how the design of the Baby CR-V?, Yes, because the last time it was exhibited in concept form then. But overall, the mention of "baby" did show a smaller size than the CR-V. The back of that look shorter, but still continue the tradition of the 5-passenger SUV like the All New Honda CR-V.

All New Honda CR-V itself comes in three variants. The most inexpensive type models 2.0 L manual transmission is priced at USD 359 million, and the automatic transmission is sold at Rp 370 million. Varian highest-capacity 2.4-liter engine with automatic price of USD 404 million on the road in Greater Jakarta.

In addition to more stylish than its predecessor, the all-new CR-V is also equipped with new features i-MID (intelligent Multi-Information Display) in the form of 5-inch color screen for displaying a variety of information, such as fuel consumption, audio, clock up wallpaper that can be filled with personal photos .

Desired look on i-MID can be set via steering wheel-Mounted Control is located on the steering wheel. This feature also functions to regulate the volume, and choose audio source without removing hands from the steering wheel and other buttons on the other dashboard.

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