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Car Prices Isuzu D-Max 2013

Car Prices Isuzu D-Max 2013. Comes with a new look, Isuzu D-Max looks more solid with the new design on the lights, grille, and front bumper. Isuzu pick-up of this comes in several variants, the variants with single cabin, double cabin standards, mining double cabin, double cabin extras, as well as Rodeo LS - which comes in a choice of manual and automatic transmissions.


The new design is clearly visible on the lights, grille, and front bumper implies a solid impression. With this new design, new car Isuzu D-Max seem able to conquer all terrain dlewatinya. In addition, its dimensions as a car pick up is also not disappoint. This car has a length of 4,760 mm, width 1,800 mm, and 1,760 mm high. This car has a distance of 3,050 mm measured from the front axle to the rear. In addition, the height of land at 225 mm.


Maybe some people feel the cabin Isuzu D-Max does not feel so comfortable. This is because the design of the elongated seat where the driver and passenger seats are designed together. Fortunately, available headrest which can slightly increase your comfort while driving. Air conditioning is provided as standard in addition to the design center console comes with 2 drinks. For business entertainment, the car is equipped with a 2 speaker stereo sound system and can play the tapes.


Isuzu D-Max uses 4JJ1 engine DOHC inline 4-cylinder with a capacity of 2,999 cc engine with turbo and intercooler. The engine has a maximum power of 136 bhp at 3400 rpm and maximum torque of 28.5 kgm at 1,200 to 3,400 rpm. Isuzu D-Max also uses a system of part-time 4WD wheel drive, combined with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Latest price of Isuzu D-Max 2013

D-Max DC-3
D-Max Double Cab 3.0 M / T
D-Max Karo
D-Max Mining
D-Max Rodeo LS 3.0 A / T
Rodeo D-Max 3.0 LS M / T
D-Max Single Cab 3.0 M / T

For the safety factor, the car is equipped with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes for the rear. In addition, also available security technology limited slip differential. In the meantime, for a suspension, independent double wishbone with torsion bar springs an option on the front. Meanwhile, for the rear suspension, used rigid leaf spring.

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