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Best Selling Cars In Indonesia

Best Selling Cars In Indonesia. This could be a guarantee when buying a car because the predicate is the result of selling public confidence in the form of the car itself. To become the best-selling car of course has a lot of advantages that is certainly favored by the users of the car in Indonesia and recommend to others.

Most best-selling cars in Indonesia which is 1500 cc because besides quite powerful also economical fuel consumption. Based on data and facts from Gaikindo then selected some of the best-selling car in Indonesia various types, ranging from sedans, SUV and MPV. In choosing the car also needs to be aware of the side. Which the car according to your needs? Cheap car list below could be a reference.

1. Toyota Vios

Year: 2008-2011
Engine: 1,497 cc 4-cylinder VVT-i, 109 hp
Price: Rp 140-200 million

+ Fast, efficient, robust, full-featured
- Image cab, aux-in is not yet available


Sedan car that has a fast and efficient image has been circulating in Indonesia for a long time and undergone several changes, especially on the car body. For the engine still adopting the old machine because it is quite tough and efficient.

Its also quite complete, audio buttons, ABS brakes, parking sensors, smart key is already in the car Toyota Vios. Also as a sedan that has a higher seating make more leg room spacious and comfortable.

2. Honda Jazz

Year: 2008-2010
Engine: 1,497 cc 4-cylinder, 120 hp
Price: Rp 160-195 million

+ Full-featured, practical, roomy cabin, engine power
- Yet facelift model, color lights headunit


Honda jazz car engine is considered the largest in its class. Despite having a large engine-powered cars including car honda jazz still economical because it uses the latest technology green echo.

Fair enough if resale honda jazz quite well because this car has great features and popular in the eyes of society.

3. Toyota Yaris

Year: 2006 - 2010
Engine: 1,497 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 120-175 million

+ Storage Drawers, efficient and powerful engine
- The driving position, a narrow trunk, yet facelift


Yaris car is designed for young children. Trunk space is quite extensive and a seat back that can be set two corners make this car more practical.

Not to mention, the reliability 1NZ-FE engine which powered great also about fuel frugality. Diverse selection of variants and deserve to be invited on vacation for you and your family.

4. Suzuki APV

Year: 2004-2011
Engine: 1,493 cc 4-cylinder, 105 hp
Price: USD 70-140 million

+ Accommodation, passenger capacity, legroom
- Mechanical pit, seating position, yet variable valve


Since the entire engine under the car is automatically this will add space to the room becomes more spacious cabin. It is suitable as a family car because it can accommodate a lot of people.

For the record, the engine uses variable valve so nothing special on acceleration performance and fuel.

5. Toyota Rush

Year: 2007-2010
Engine: 1,496 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 165-190 million

+ Image Toyota, higher selling prices
- Leg room is limited, the price is still expensive


Rush Machinery, 3SZ-VE DOHC VVT-i, proven performance. No wonder, if the engine also adopted a number of other cars such as the Toyota Avanza S, Daihatsu Luxio and Terios.

6. Nissan Grand Livina 1.5

Year: 2007-2009
Engine: 1,498 cc 4-cylinder CVTC, 109 hp
Price: USD 130 -170 million

Tenderness + suspension, fuel efficient, 7 seater
- Features, third row bench undivided 50:50


Engine performance and stability of steering the Grand Livina is number one but not the terlega cabin space although it can carry 7 passengers. Seating backside impressed exclusively for transporting small children.

Moreover HR15DE engine used is very efficient in processing the fuel. Ground clearance of 185 mm high starting making freely across potholes.

7. Toyota Avanza 1.5

Year: 2007-2010
Engine: 1,496 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 135-155 million

+ Population, easy maintenance, the image of Toyota, resale value
- Model, storage space, hard suspension


Although 1.5 is Toyota's most luxurious option, but it can not be denied Avanza display starts to look old. Mainly because the model is relatively unchanged since 2004.

8. Daihatsu Terios

Year: 2007-2009
Engine: 1,496 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 135-165 million

+ 7 passenger capacity, ground clearance, value for money
- Image is less luxurious, limited legroom


Just like his twin brother is toyota rush, but it has a lower price. Cabin space is rather limited due to the large dimensions that are too divided to 7 passengers. Although it has a performance that is not too big but Daihatsu Terios car is very easy and cheap to maintain.

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