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Car prices Minibus Isuzu Elf 2013

Car prices Minibus Isuzu Elf 2013. Comes with a new model that comes with a box and a large enough force, making Isuzu Elf as a commercial vehicle which is suitable for a variety of your daily kebutahan.


For the exterior, although it does not look so atraktiff, but the exterior design of the new car Minibus Isuzu Elf looks pretty modern for a commercial vehicle at this time period. In addition, the design of the side glass and the front taper and wide, make it easier for the driver to get a clear vision for driving the commercial vehicle is made ​​by Isuzu.


Minibus Isuzu Elf interior also feels quite comfortable with the provision CD/MP3 to accompany the driver during a trip transporting cargo to the destination. In addition, for the minibus variants, a wide cabin also adds to the effect of comfort for passengers in it. With an ergonomic seat design, as well as the availability of facilities for passenger headrest, would further add to keayamanan during trips with this car. In addition, the driver will increase comfort while driving this car thanks to the availability of power steering thanks to the availability of technology that comes as standard on this car.


Isuzu Elf 2013 equipped with 4JB1-TC engine 2800 cc. Combined with a 5-speed manual transmission, this engine can generate power of 101 PS at 3,400 rpm with torque of 22.5 kg / m at 3,200 rpm.

Latest price Minibus Isuzu Elf 2013

NHR 55 2.8 Diesel (M)
NHR 2.8 55 E 16-Seater Diesel (M)
NHR 2.8 55 E 12-Seater Diesel (M)
NKR 2.8 55 LWB Diesel 20-Seater (M)

For safety factors driving this Minibus Isuzu Elf is guaranteed thanks to the presence of a variety of features that will surely add seat belts, rear camera, and dual hydraulic brakes with vacuum booster.

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