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Latest New 2013 Dodge Journey

Latest New 2013 Dodge Journey. New car variant of the Dodge has released Dodge Journey SXT Platinum. This car was launched by PT Grasindo Inter Global as the holder of the Chrysler brand in Indonesia.

Dodge Journey comes in the middle of the Indonesian family with 3 variants: SXT, SXT and SXT Platinum Luxury. Where SXT Type Platinum is the highest variance so the price is more expensive than others of course, accompanied by the addition of extra amenities and features auto accessories.

Exterior Design

From the outside of the car or the car's exterior dodge journey SXT Platinum will not vary much with the other types. Macho impression remains 7 passenger cars are shown. With a strong front grille shape and sharp headlights this car deserves to be exhibited. Using 19-inch alloy wheels berpalang 5 makes it seem taller SUVs and control the streets.

Interior Design

The first impression of the car cabin this 2013 dodge journey FLC is modern and ergonomic. Dimuali of several rows of neatly lined control panel to run some important features or extras. Features advanced features are also already in the car. Widest part of the car is also wider than other crossover SUVs in Indonesia when all passenger seats folded.

With leather upholstery makes this car look more luxurious. There is a dimension of LCD monitor 8.4 "multifunction connectivity terintgrasi with GPS Navigation and a rear parking camera and LCD as well as a 9 passenger entertainment while on a long journey. Dodge Journey also features versatile luggage at the passenger seat is equipped with a cooler is arranged in such a way as not to disturb the other passengers.

New Dodge Journey Prices 2o13

Dodge Journey 2.4 (4.3 Inch Head Unit)
Dodge Journey 2.4 (8.4 Inch Head Unit)
Dodge Journey 2.4 Luxury (*)
Dodge Journey 2.4 Platinum (*)
Dodge Journey 2.4 SXT (*)
Machinery And Safety

New 2013 Dodge Journe use the 2.4L engine used in all three variants. Indonesian security and dodge car is quite safe with amenities such as active head restraints, 9 airbags are scattered in the cabin, Electronic Stability Control plus Traction Control, ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist. New Chevrolet Captiva 2013 could possibly be the rival of this car because it still looks macho with a cheaper price.

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