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All New Toyota 86 With New Appearance

All New Toyota 86 With New Appearance. Toyota sports car has been officially thrown to the Indonesian automotive market since the beginning of 2012, exactly in June. Toyota 86 Hachiroku itself is a sport sedan toyota slid for the first time in Indonesia, which will compete with competitors like the Mazda RX 8 which already exist in Indonesia a few years ago.

Toyota sports car presence in Indonesia reap the many positive responses, as shown by the number of reservations for this car has run diinden. Perhaps because this car has a unique design and is the first sports car toyota will add to the prestige of the person driving it.


That first impression when I saw this car was a pagoda shaped roof with a very sporty design and aerodynamic. Body curvature from the front grille, hood, car roof line to the stern made more slender and has 2 exhaust. Head lam front with lights multireflektor increasingly sharp, and adds a few extra sport spoiler on this car. Toyota 86 is 7 colors, namely: Satin White Pearl, Dark Grey, Crystal Black Silica, Sterling Silver, Lightning Red, Galaxy Blue Silica and Orange.

Price All New Toyota 86 Hachiroku Indonesia

Transmission Price
Manual (MT) Rp 600,000,000
Automatic (AT) Rp 610 million
Automatic (AT) Aero Package Rp 623 million
 Automatic (AT) TRD Aero Package Rp 636 million

Sports car must also have a machine that can be driven at high speed. All New Toyota 86 itself is equipped with a flat engine 4U-GSE boxer using the D-4S technology (Direct Injection 4-Stroke Gasoline Superior) with a capacity of 2000 cc engine capable of issuing up to a maximum thrust of 200 horsepower to spin 7,000 rpm while power untir / maximum torque of 205 Nm at 6,600 rpm engine speed. But despite having a machine that has a great power, which used the latest technology to reduce fuel consumption. Comparison to 1: 14.3 km (1 Liter gasoline can travel a distance of up to 14.3km).

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