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Car Tyre way

Car Tyre way. Sometimes the need to use the car not only when it is inside the city, but also to get out of town mileage is not close. Such as the need of work, vacation or going home to go home. Therefore iku top condition should be considered because a car will travel a considerable distance. If you do not eat things can happen that are not desirable such as a flat tire or a broken car and the car broke down.

Car Tire Maintenance Tips Before Travel Far

1. Checking Tire Pressure Wind

Tire pressure is the most important thing to note about the article if the tires do not have the wind it will be easily broken and the tires can wear unevenly. If the air pressure is too high then comb the tire will wear out quickly and if it is too low then the edge of the tire will wear faster. Tire pressure every car is different but in general the ideal car tire pressure is 30-35 psi common cold.

2. Using Nitrogen Wind

Than if a car tire filled with nitrogen common cold and wind so the wind is more stable nitrogen will keep the air pressure in the tires of the car. This journey will take effect when doing pretty much as usual the wind pressure will rise faster because heat rapidly. By using wind nitrongen this will not effect significantly due to winds and stable nitrogen cooler.

3. Perform Spooring and Balancing

Spooring is reset back to setting foot on the car in order to get back to normal position. With spooring the symptoms wear on tires will occur evenly.

Balancing is to make all of the burden on wheels and tires balanced so that the weight distribution of the car to the tire occur evenly.

4. Car Tire Rotation

Since the load is different car each corner then the rotation will make the tires work becomes more leverage. This will make growing longer tire life or wear does not last longer on one side only. And safer when driving a car at night.

5. Perform Shoe Ban

Tire polish will be very useful to maintain the flexibility of the tire so it does not dry and cracked easily broken especially when traveling far enough heat that causes the tire. Moreover tire polish will make your car look more sleek.

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