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How to Care Car Diesel Engines

How to Care Car Diesel Engines. In choosing a car we have several options that gasoline cars and diesel. Car diesel engine should not be underestimated type of car is in high demand because of the power and torque compared with gasoline cars. It is a question when you decide to buy a diesel car.

Actually diesel engined car maintenance is not much different from the petrol-engined car care. But that needs more attention is the regular service, so the water radiator and oil should not be delayed in replacing it because it can be fatal

For some cars, maintenance is done in multiples of 10,000 KM. "But usually there are up to 10,000 KM, because many consumers are still scared when I have to wait that long," he said. At 10,000 KM (6 months) and the first 20,000 KM, treatment usually includes tune up, oil change and oil filter change.

Next to car care in the first 30,000 Km repair the machine will be more than ever because of the use of the aged. It could be a car repair tune up, oil change machine, air conditioning filters, air filters, injectors and transmission oil.

Furthermore, to keep the diesel cars more durable by using non-subsidized fuel. As the use of subsidized fuel will usually experience a problem that is becoming more engine sounds coarse and large. Combustion process will not be as good as non-subsidized fuel. Besides the engine must also be cleaned with a car engine cleaning tips.

But in Indonesia rare gas station that sells non-subsidized diesel fuel. So we will be trouble and was forced to use subsidized diesel fuel. This resulted in the car being dirty injectors and should be cleaned more often. Machine also works harder than normal. So in conclusion do not use subsidized fuel. Use only if the state really forced.

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