Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Cheap Car Suzuki A Star Another name of Suzuki Alto

Cheap Car Suzuki A Star Another name of Suzuki Alto. After enliven the city car market with presence suzuki splash and the latest variant of the suzuki swift. Alan is now being targeted at low-cost car market in Indonesia. With the launch of Suzuki Alto car in India. In fact, if it had been introduced in India not long before the car will soon enter the Indonesian automotive market. Likely this car will go to Indonesia in 2013. Currently Suzuki A-Star is the cheapest car output Suzuki. Expected price will not be far adrift with Agya and ayla.

A Star is a name that was introduced to consumers in Indonesia. And abroad is named Suzuki Alto car. There is a fundamental difference suzuki a star and suzuki alto, suzuki a star if you have cc suzuki alto 998 cc but only has 800 cc. It's not too big strength because this car is tailored to the needs of urban to travel a short distance. DOHC engine with 3 cylinders and be able mengasilkan maximum power reaches 67 hp. Power is the same as that issued by Suzuki Karimun Estillo.

Price Suzuki A Star Indonesian

This car will compete with the price and ayla Agya so will not far adrift of the two is worth about 70 million dollars. This was disclosed by the director of PT Suzuki Indonesia Davy J Tulian.

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