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Review Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2013 SUV

Review Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2013 SUV dashing from Japan. Since its initial launch a few years ago, Toyota Fortuner 2012 a lot of attention of consumers cars in global. Even until now, believed to form the body of the car is high and sturdy to be one of the reasons the car is in great demand. On during the year 2012 alone Toyota posted sales of Fortuner mencapa 11 thousand units and became the most widely among car sales toyota other like toyota rush and the all-new Vios.

Cars production site in Karawang, Bekasi has many variants that are tailored to the needs of the community, including the Type G (Manual and Automatic), Type G Luxury, and variants of the most luxurious is the Type V with automatic transmission. For the design of the car body has undergone many changes or facelift since his arrival the first time in Indonesia. For information in 2008 called Facelit first generation later in 2011 to facelit second generation.


This car can carry 7 passengers still leaves space is wide so it can still be used to carry your luggage. Even the seat backside can also be folded if space is still lacking.

Then from the side of the cabin, this car has a stylish design with feature dashboard sophisticated among Multimedia System such as DVD, MP3, WMA and then features Automatic Air Conditioning is air conditioning which can adjust automatically the temperature in the car so that adds to comfort. Not only itusaja features car fortuner, more details can be found through browsur authorized dealer toyota plus it can be to ask the sales conversations.


This car had a facelift in 2012, namely the grille and lights the front of the sharper, the interior is also a bit there is the addition of wood paneling and feature air conditioning on the second row.


New Toyota Fortuner Latest carrying VVT-i engine with a capacity of 2.7L and 4.0L that uses gasoline, and machine D4-D Diesel capacity of 2.5 L and 3.0L use diesel fuel.

New Price Toyota Fortuner 2013

Number Variant / Type Car Prices
1 G AT LUX GASOLINE New Rp. 447,850,000
2 G AT LUX TRD GASOLINE New Rp. 473,300,000
3 V AT PETROL 4 × 4 New Rp. 499,700,000
4 G MT DIESEL New Rp. 384,750,000
5 G MT TRD DIESEL New Rp. 409,650,000
6 G AT DIESEL New Rp. 395 million
7 G AT TRD DIESEL New Rp. 419,900,000
Excellence Toyota Fortuner than other cars:

Car manufacturer Toyota is already well-known quality and certainly have value sales are quite high.
Car design firm and sporty thus indirectly could be a fashion trend for automotive.
Shape of the body is high, can protect the car from the water during the rainy season, and fit for off road with a field that is quite heavy.
Accommodation that can accommodate more passengers and luggage space are loose.

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