Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Honda Jazz Twist 2013. Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Twist 2013. Honda Jazz got interested to try Crossover car market share following the other competitors who also have car-type crossover mainstay for Suzuki's call it the Suzuki X-Over and owned Nissan the Nissan X-Gear. Honda itself relying parties formed a Honda Jazz Crossover. But unfortunately this car has not been marketed in Indonesia, so far traded in Latin America, namely Brazil country. But if the public interest against honda jazz crossover is high enough it is possible the car will be brought to Indonesia in 2013.

Because this type of crossover cars certainly have significant differences. Car foot position is higher than the standard type that exist in Indonesia today.

Honda Jazz Twist comes with two engine options namely 1.4 L gasoline that can give off power 100 hp and a 1.5 L that can give off power 115 hp.

Most likely next year honda new cars will soon be introduced in Indonesia.

Price this 2013 Honda Jazz Twist released at a starting price of 274 million rupiah. It cost 48 million dollars more expensive than honda jazz standards.

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