Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Ford Fiesta ST Present in Indonesia in 2013

Ford Fiesta ST Present in Indonesia in 2013. Although cars ford fiesta early arrival in Indonesia underestimated, but as time passes and some record sales recorded by the Ford Fiesta in the homeland or country of origin is the United States itself is now a lot of praise. The reason is because sales of Ford Fiesta car was able to turn the wheel of the company. Hence the bold Ford to launch new variants are labeled Ford Fiesta ST. This variant is claimed to be more powerful and dynamic with new designs.
Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta ST is the type that is more toned than usual. With EcoBost engine capacity of 1600 cc 4 cylinder equipped with a turbocharged. This car can give off power to 197 DK. With that kind of speed the car Ford Fiesta ST will be faster than other competitors are the Mini Cooper S 181 hp and 138 hp Chevrolet Sonic RS.
For the interior design of the car was redesigned because the car body is very influential with the performance. The suspension was also modified car like a sports car so the steering system to be more responsive. More shaped front lights with LED loncong. Part of the front grille also gets a change to be more manly shaped wasp nest.
Kirt wheels and side parts are also not free from modification. With 17-inch wheels make this car as a monster street. Behind the stern there are some additional spoiler, twin exhaust difusser and black lining.

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