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Tips Cheap Budget Car Engine Upgrade

Tips Cheap Budget Car Engine Upgrade. When you buy a car with limited funds usually accelerated new car is not as desired. For example, as a car city car or other cars that have a cc is not too big so that the acceleration is not satisfactory. Usually the car car is intended for everyday and not concerned with the speed of the engine capacity of 1500 cc range only just. Below are a few tips to increase the speed of cars and the cars are categorized based on the available budget price is 5 million, 10 million, 15 million and over 20 million.

Budget under 5 million rupiah

If you have a budget of at least 5 million dollars that you can maximize the change in the intake and exaust. The intake section can be modified to perform open-type air filter change the filter or replacement. Furthermore, to be modified by replacing part exaust manifold, downpipe, center pipe, muffler end. If your car has the automatic transmission that needs to be considered is not to replace the center pipe section as if changed would make the performance of the car down. All tips upgrade this car depending on its design. With a few changes above can improve engine performance by 8-15 horsepower.

Budget under 10 million dollars

With a fund of 10 million dollars you can add a few parts engine modifications implemented after budget 5 million. Additionally the piggyback is used to change the ECU in order to improve the performance of the engine to increase the acceleration of the car. There are several brands to choose from namely Dastek and Apexi. With these changes the car's performance can be increased sepesar 15-25 horsepower.

Budget under 15 million dollars

For this big budget you can make additions to the polish on head porting machine. Aims to maximize the entry of air and fuel into the combustion chamber so that no space is wasted in vain. With the addition of this polish ported plus what the budget in 5 and 10 million dollars of your car engine performance can be increased by 20-30 horsepower.

Budget over 15 million dollars

If you have a budget that's more like you can do an internal change such as replacing the piston engines that have higher compression, camshaft, and so forth. By replacing the piston will accelerate the burning process and make acceleration increases.

Other additions are turbo system on the machine. This can be done by custom or bolt on the many available in the market. By adding a bolt turbo engine power can increase to over 50 percent. But the process will take longer. Because turbo bolt for city car is rarely available in the market. Usually used spare part is a sports car of the type that evolution mitsubishi or nissan skyline.

If you are in a high speed car make sure you pay attention to tips on car brakes. Now all depends on how much budget you provide in order to modify the car increases acceleration. But if you want to improve engine performance should not sacrifice the safety side. However safety is more important than a super engine performance.

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