Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Become a Best Selling Cars Daihatsu Cars

Become a Best Selling Cars Daihatsu Cars in Indonesian Both Under Toyota. Car company PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) can rest on its laurels, the article Daihatsu brand they made ​​it into the top 3 best-selling car in Indonesia, which ranked second. In the last quarter of this year sales of Daihatsu quite satisfactory, after the highest record sales this quarter compared to the previous sales of 15 322 units of the car. During the month of October alone Daihatsu achievement recorded by as many as 14 882 vehicles sold cars all over Indonesia.

All New Xenia accounted for as many as 6,463 units (43.4%), Gran Max 4,458 units (30.0%), Terios 2,691 units (18.1%), All New Sirion 637 units (4.3%) and amounted to 633 units Luxio (4.3%). The entire vehicle tersebutadalah main support wholesale sales of Daihatsu in Indonesia during October 2012.

Meanwhile, for the retail, selling 14 018 units mencatatkaan Daihatsu car, quite an increase compared to the previous month september which managed to sell 13,608 units of Daihatsu cars. For the record if Daihatsu in the first 10 months since January 2012 has gained sales exceeded 134,231 units. Figures ininaik 18% compared to the prior year gain in the same period. These results bring Daihatsu became the second best-selling car brand in Indonesia throughout 2012.

Seeing the enthusiasm of consumers to Daihatsu's homeland is a form of confidence in the quality and service provided to the maximum by the Daihatsu, said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Daihatsu Indonesia ADM.

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