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Budget MPV family car in Indonesia

Budget MPV family car in Indonesia. Approaching the end of 2012 is in sight holidays and anticipated later. Before doing the routine again in early 2013. In choosing a vehicle for families with type MPV cars it will be needed. Because of the holidays with the family will need a large car space can accommodate every member of the family and luggage needs. Although the latest MPV cars in Indonesia are quite expensive at 200 million up then there is no harm if the budget is not sufficient to membil cheap MPV car as long as needed.

Cheap car Indonesian MPV Options

1. Nissan Evalia

Evalia MPV is low ranks as among our references. From the interior is quite roomy Evalia in its class. Carrying a wheelbase of 2725 mm, Evalia can bear about spaciousness in the cabin. Cars that have a capacity of 7 passengers also have 6 models setting area, where you can fold the seats in each row to add to the spaciousness of the cabin. In addition to matters compartment also did not lose much.

Evalia for the top variant is equipped with a rear blower that makes the situation continues to cool the cabin when doing long trips, but only Nissan Evalia equip with glass models are very small to reduce the level of comfort. Likewise with leaf springs suspension is considered less reliable dampen vibration, but if his speech problems Evalia price may be way out as having low mpv roomy cabin area.

Price: Rp 145-188 million rupiah

2. Toyota Avanza Veloz

For a product that is indeed the car seems to be a million people to the population in Indonesia. Charge that much the most competitive price coupled seemed quite tempting a few people, not to mention coupled with its resell value is pretty good. To talk about the features, toyota Veloz also offer the highest variance in the avanza is quite complete. It's just less toyota examine the safety factor in the absence of airbags in the cabin.

To measure the space, although not as big as the Evalia avanza, toyota but quite astute when designing the interior area can seem roomy. The third row can still be folded up in line 2 is more optimal in terms kenyamananya.

Price: Rp 184 million rupiah

3. Suzuki Ertiga

As a newcomer, Ertiga is plotted as a rival of avanza actually more inclined to offer something new and fresh. Starting from the design is more stylish to feel more comfortable cabin. Despite having dimensions compact, but roomy design Ertiga in the head room and leg room. Rear / third row is designed as comfortable as perhaps, with lever drag folding and sliding on the seat 2nd, relieve passengers in and out of the 3rd row.

Not only that, to put forward in terms of comfort area cabins is equipped with an efficient silencer tone or NVH: noise, vibration, harshness. Besides, in terms of Ertiga also prioritize ergonomic steering wheel so there is voice control. It's just Ertiga is indeed having an engine capacity under avanza and Evalia but to talk about performance can be pitted anyway? Besides other shortcomings that still exist within the Ertiga variants manual transmission only and no rear blower.

Price: Rp 167 million rupiah

4. Daihatsu Luxio

Product this one actually has fairly old, but if speech problems spaciousness kabinya have no need to be questioned again. Took the van like a plan with the comfort of sitting area configuration. In the 2nd row seating area has a sliding seat row models that it is possible to obtain passengers more comfort. But for the little riders can interfere with engine heat right there when the road far below.

For the price, Daihatsu is a pretty competitive option. Carrying machine 1. 5l with automatic transmisis, in about daihatsu fuel consumption also promises its best efficiency.

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