Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

How to Clean Auto Glass

How to Clean Auto Glass. Conditions windshield is very important for your safety driving. Because if you do not clean the windshield can cause your sight impaired and can be fatal. Its function like ordinary glass that you wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle is blocking the wind that hit your body when driving.

Car Windshield Cleaning

The first thing to consider in the care of the windshield to keep it like new and does not obstruct the view is to make sure the condition of the windshield clean and dry. How to clean it up enough to use chamois cloth or fine textured.

If your car was parked under the scorching sun directly should avoid attaching the wiper on the glass front, because the rubber wiper on the glass can cause brittle latest car exposed to direct sunlight.

Next last tips is to use water mixed with hair shampoo used to clean the front windshield. Based on the research of water mixed with hair shampoo will be more friendly to the windshield glass and makes the car a more sleek.

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