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Price Toyota Rush 2012

Price Toyota Rush 2012, Cheap Car SUV Indonesia. Toyota Rush SUV that is quite popular in Indonesia because it has a wide capacity of 7 passengers at a price that is not too expensive. Toyota body appearance does not look quite old-fashioned Rush to compete with new cars that are circulating in the Indonesian automotive market.

New Toyota Rush has exterior dimensions of 4,420 mm, width 1,745 mm, height 1,740 mm and axle distance of approximately 2,685 mm. At the front grille design was made ​​to be more sporty and resilient. At the rear lights are also visible compact with the car body, which is why this car may still survive in the auto industry market homeland. Peering into the car cabin, having impressed makeshift facilities and uncomfortable but it is treated with double blower AC hadirinya Rush for latest output. The bottom line in the comfort of the car is very less.

New Price Toyota Rush 2012

Toyota Rush 1.5 G (M) Rp. 198 700 000
Toyota Rush 1.5 S (M) Rp. 208 050 000
Toyota Rush 1.5 G (A) Rp. 208 700 000
Toyota Rush 1.5 S (A) Rp. 222 050 000
For Toyota Rush car engine uses a 4-cylinder inline DOHC 16V VVT-i 3SZ-VE 1,495 cc. And support EFI fuel system, rear wheel drive system and teknlogi EPS has become a standard feature of this car.

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