Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

All New Toyota RAV4 Indonesia

All New Toyota RAV4 Indonesia. One car that awaited its emergence in Indonesia is Toyota RAV4. The car is now in its fourth generation is still alluring. The news of a comeback with the latest version has many outstanding, reportedly of Toyota's new SUV to be showcased at the exhibition in Brazil 2013. Some pictures of the car being tested has been widely circulated on the internet. This further strengthens the car's appearance next year. But so far has not been ascertained whether the Toyota Rav4 will be marketed in Indonesia.

In Indonesia there is a kind of SUV cars that are not less good as the Honda CRV. Toyota Rav4 arrival in Indonesia will certainly disturb the market share of Honda CRV 2013.

The designers look to renew toyota RAV4 with additional lines and curves of the body that is more progressive. In the next section looks at first glance like a car toyota auris.

On the dashboard of the Toyota Rav4 is very easy to operate. All primary and secondary buttons for the driver is located in close reach of the driver. On the instrument panel lighting are a bright blue illumination. Indicators such as tachometer, speedometer, and fuel are presented with the standard view.

There are several variants of the Toyota RAV4 is offered the type of LE and XLE. In addition there are the most expensive type of the Limited leather-clad interior design with features and panel MID bluetooth.

There is Entune multimedia system that displayed through LCD screen measuring 6.1 inches. Then also applied BSM security system (Blind Spot Management) to facilitate the driver when turning or rotating direction.

For machines used Toyota RAV4 V6 engine is using 2500 cc 4 cylinder in line that can give a power of 176 hp at 6000 rpm Puteran. Carrying automatic transmission with sequential shift 6 speed makes this 2013 new car has great power typical SUV.

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