Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

New BMW X6 car Start Marketed Indonesia

New BMW X6 car Start Marketed Indonesia. At the end of 2012 by 2013 BMW began introducing the new cars in Indonesia, namely the BMW X6. Introduction is done in one of the restaurants in South Jakarta. This car also became the last car introduced in the country of 18 December. With the presence of the latest series of the BMW X adds to the list of BMW X series in Indonesia.

Since its first appearance in the last 3 years the BMW X6 record sales of 150,000 units worldwide. Truly remarkable achievement. Public interest to see this car certainly has its advantages in the eyes of consumers. BMW Indonesia's own party hoping with this new line-up can boost BMW sales in Indonesia. Ramesh said Divyanthan, Director of BMW Group Indonesia.

There is no significant change for the X6 series are sold in Indonesia this time. With a futuristic design and unique combination of style and elegant coupe car can attract thousands of consumers.

Many new features are quite functional in the car such as Active Steering and Adaptive Drive and silencer and rill stabilization. With so cars BMW x6 will be more stable ride. For the price of Indonesian BMW X6 will be released at RP. 1,768 billion.

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