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Driving Tips Car, Car Braking Distance

Driving Tips Car, Car Braking Distance. There are still a lot of accidents that occur on the highway. It could have been a careless car drivers who do not pay attention to how to drive well with regard to the braking distance of a car that was in front of him. In addition to these factors could also be because there is communication between motorists are careless on the highway.

A vehicle takes pause when braking so we as drivers have to understand this. For the record every car has a braking distance to stop at different times different.

Car VS Speed ​​Distance

Of case studies that have been done if the condition of the car is not braking problems with other words in good condition then any increase in speed will affect the stopping distance of a car is quadratic. For example, when your car speed 25 km / h braking distance is needed to stop as far as 3 meters. And beyond 50 km / h takes 6 meters. 100 km / h: 50 meters. 200 km / h: 200 meters. Conceivably be possible if the distance is too far, but when you first apply the brakes and braking under normal conditions and dry asphalt.

Braking reaction time

Man and the car still requires a reaction when sudden braking. The human brain takes 1 second to prepare a new event that shocked and it took 0.5 seconds to bereakse brake pedal.

After people react, the car also takes time to react braking. Car in good condition braking takes 0.2 seconds to work optimally. It means that no time is lost 2 seconds when you first do the braking. For example, if you're driving with a speed of 100 km / h means you lose distance of 27 meters to the foot brake pedal.

Type Affects Car Braking

Type of car in question here is like sedans and SUVs or the other. Although it uses the same braking technology but because of heavy vehicles have different braking results were different then.

If no load, SUVs require longer braking distance than a small sedan. As per the law of physics, cars with heavy weights will generate great momentum.

Therefore some tips cars including braking distance with the car in front of him should not be underestimated as it concerns your life and other people in the event of a traffic accident.

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