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Colt Diesel FE 71 L More Choice

Colt Diesel FE 71 L More Choice. On the right day (06/12/2013) yesterday, PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors, an Authorized Distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Indonesia officially launched the latest variant of the family of the head of a yellow truck, named Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE71L.

According to Hecht, Colt Diesel FE 71 is the most popular product in Indonesia. Based on consumer demand for the presence of a new variant. MFTBC and PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) worked together to develop FE 71 with long chassis.

"I am very confident this new model can be accepted by our consumers in Indonesia who are looking for a vehicle that combines high capacity with easy operation while saving fuel," he explained.

Mitsubishi Colt Diesel Truck FE71L expected to be able to answer the needs of the business because it has a greater carrying capacity but still has agility that qualified. "This truck has a wheelbase and cab to end the longest in its class that is 3.350mm and 4.048mm. With a longer chassis, the Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE71L able to transport goods more and more efficient, "said Rizwan Alamsjah, Executive Marketing Director of PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian.

Truck is priced at Rp. 198.9 million (off the road), besides having greater capacity, and is also equipped with several features that can support the driver's comfort. "This truck has been equipped with Radio/CD/MP3 Player, Power Steering and Tilt Telescoping Steering," he added.

Selainitu some other features also add in Mitsubishi's new car;

- Mitsubishi In Dash Gear Shift, gear lever integrated dash makes the cabin more spacious.
- The cabin Jungkit to facilitate inspection and repair machinery.
- Water separator is easily checked by vehicle users.
- Inspection Lids under the passenger seat, so checking the machine easier.
- Power Steering and Tilt & Telescopic Steering, easy to adjust the driving position.

Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE71L 4D34 engine transports were added turbo and intercooler as well as New Injection Pump. With so capable of issuing power 110 PS, and claimed to be strong on the streets uphill and efficient in fuel consumption.

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