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Comparison of Toyota Soluna vs. Used Toyota Corolla

Comparison of Toyota Soluna vs. Used Toyota Corolla. If you have a budget of 60 million or 70 million and want to buy a used car used car there are some interesting options. One is soluna toyota toyota corolla GLi 2001 and 1997 1998. Only reference in the article just before the selections Used Car Price Below 50 Million.

Basically the Toyota Corolla is a sedan manufactured after Soluna specifications so it will be better or comfort Corolla. But because of the difference in the selling price of production they did not differ much.

Toyota Corolla vs. Toyota Soluna

In terms of fuel consumption, comfort, handling and durability for everyday use.
All New Corolla has a smooth dings, power engine 1600 cc 16 valve, 120 hp strong and more spacious interior. While Soluna has a charm of its own. He is relatively new and more efficient fuel consumption thanks to engine 1500 cc 16 valve, 95 horsepower and lighter weight.

Both are convenient for everyday use and durability is also not much different. However due to the age, condition, especially the front legs should be a concern. Some owners also complain Soluna sounds on interior panels.

Being a matter of control, Soluna more giddy when cornering, although the operation of various levers and steering the same course.

Different dimensions toyota Corolla and Toyota Soluna Used
Dimensions (LxWxH) All New Corolla is 4,395 mm x 1,600 mm x 1,385 mm and weighs 1,040 kg. While Soluna has dimensions of 4,175 mm x 1,660 mm x 1,380 mm and weighs 900 kg.

Some other references used car with a Corolla or Soluna class with consideration of the selection of spare parts and the day to day care.
Suzuki Baleno 2001 can be used as an alternative. With a 1500 cc engine and manual and automatic transmission options, the availability and price of spare parts Baleno juah not differ with both Toyota sedan. While the matter of treatment, such as Toyota, Suzuki 3S dealers network number too much.

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