Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

New Honda Cars Promo

New Honda Cars Promo. To further embed the name in the eyes of consumers Honda homeland honda parties give their latest promo, titled "Time to Have Honda" especially for the type of car Honda Freed and Honda Brio.

Honda's latest program allows you to buy a cheap car with a mild interest repayments. To purchase a car Honda Brio Type S and E. As for the Honda Freed type S and E. With the latest features offered features two cars is not impossible that this latest promo honda will increase sales.

Honda brio offered with rp 1.5 million installments each month to earn bonus Extra Care Honda 5 year warranty (3 years + 2 years extension), then for Honda Freed also has the same mortgage is 1.5 million per month and the same bonus (3 years + 2 years extension). Bonus V-kool glass. For type E, there is a 0% interest free for 2 years as well as V-Kool window film and leather upholstery. For more details, please go to the honda dealer nearest you for the end of the year promo buy honda car.

Jonfis Fandy, Marketing and After Sales Service Director PT HPM hope the programs offered at the end of the end of the year can really facilitate prospective customers of Honda in Indonesia to have a variant of the Honda Brio and New Freed.

Honda parties and consumers would be expected to accommodate the desire of every person to have a car with a low interest rate mortgage. Especially for a superior product that is honda Honda Freed and Honda Brio.

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