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Ford Fiesta ST Present in Indonesia in 2013

Ford Fiesta ST Present in Indonesia in 2013. Although cars ford fiesta early arrival in Indonesia underestimated, but as time passes and some record sales recorded by the Ford Fiesta in the homeland or country of origin is the United States itself is now a lot of praise. The reason is because sales of Ford Fiesta car was able to turn the wheel of the company. Hence the bold Ford to launch new variants are labeled Ford Fiesta ST. This variant is claimed to be more powerful and dynamic with new designs.
Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta ST is the type that is more toned than usual. With EcoBost engine capacity of 1600 cc 4 cylinder equipped with a turbocharged. This car can give off power to 197 DK. With that kind of speed the car Ford Fiesta ST will be faster than other competitors are the Mini Cooper S 181 hp and 138 hp Chevrolet Sonic RS.
For the interior design of the car was redesigned because the car body is very influential with the performance. The suspension was also modified car like a sports car so the steering system to be more responsive. More shaped front lights with LED loncong. Part of the front grille also gets a change to be more manly shaped wasp nest.
Kirt wheels and side parts are also not free from modification. With 17-inch wheels make this car as a monster street. Behind the stern there are some additional spoiler, twin exhaust difusser and black lining.

Comparison of Toyota Soluna vs. Used Toyota Corolla

Comparison of Toyota Soluna vs. Used Toyota Corolla. If you have a budget of 60 million or 70 million and want to buy a used car used car there are some interesting options. One is soluna toyota toyota corolla GLi 2001 and 1997 1998. Only reference in the article just before the selections Used Car Price Below 50 Million.

Basically the Toyota Corolla is a sedan manufactured after Soluna specifications so it will be better or comfort Corolla. But because of the difference in the selling price of production they did not differ much.

Toyota Corolla vs. Toyota Soluna

In terms of fuel consumption, comfort, handling and durability for everyday use.
All New Corolla has a smooth dings, power engine 1600 cc 16 valve, 120 hp strong and more spacious interior. While Soluna has a charm of its own. He is relatively new and more efficient fuel consumption thanks to engine 1500 cc 16 valve, 95 horsepower and lighter weight.

Both are convenient for everyday use and durability is also not much different. However due to the age, condition, especially the front legs should be a concern. Some owners also complain Soluna sounds on interior panels.

Being a matter of control, Soluna more giddy when cornering, although the operation of various levers and steering the same course.

Different dimensions toyota Corolla and Toyota Soluna Used
Dimensions (LxWxH) All New Corolla is 4,395 mm x 1,600 mm x 1,385 mm and weighs 1,040 kg. While Soluna has dimensions of 4,175 mm x 1,660 mm x 1,380 mm and weighs 900 kg.

Some other references used car with a Corolla or Soluna class with consideration of the selection of spare parts and the day to day care.
Suzuki Baleno 2001 can be used as an alternative. With a 1500 cc engine and manual and automatic transmission options, the availability and price of spare parts Baleno juah not differ with both Toyota sedan. While the matter of treatment, such as Toyota, Suzuki 3S dealers network number too much.

Best Selling Cars In Indonesia

Best Selling Cars In Indonesia. This could be a guarantee when buying a car because the predicate is the result of selling public confidence in the form of the car itself. To become the best-selling car of course has a lot of advantages that is certainly favored by the users of the car in Indonesia and recommend to others.

Most best-selling cars in Indonesia which is 1500 cc because besides quite powerful also economical fuel consumption. Based on data and facts from Gaikindo then selected some of the best-selling car in Indonesia various types, ranging from sedans, SUV and MPV. In choosing the car also needs to be aware of the side. Which the car according to your needs? Cheap car list below could be a reference.

1. Toyota Vios

Year: 2008-2011
Engine: 1,497 cc 4-cylinder VVT-i, 109 hp
Price: Rp 140-200 million

+ Fast, efficient, robust, full-featured
- Image cab, aux-in is not yet available


Sedan car that has a fast and efficient image has been circulating in Indonesia for a long time and undergone several changes, especially on the car body. For the engine still adopting the old machine because it is quite tough and efficient.

Its also quite complete, audio buttons, ABS brakes, parking sensors, smart key is already in the car Toyota Vios. Also as a sedan that has a higher seating make more leg room spacious and comfortable.

2. Honda Jazz

Year: 2008-2010
Engine: 1,497 cc 4-cylinder, 120 hp
Price: Rp 160-195 million

+ Full-featured, practical, roomy cabin, engine power
- Yet facelift model, color lights headunit


Honda jazz car engine is considered the largest in its class. Despite having a large engine-powered cars including car honda jazz still economical because it uses the latest technology green echo.

Fair enough if resale honda jazz quite well because this car has great features and popular in the eyes of society.

3. Toyota Yaris

Year: 2006 - 2010
Engine: 1,497 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 120-175 million

+ Storage Drawers, efficient and powerful engine
- The driving position, a narrow trunk, yet facelift


Yaris car is designed for young children. Trunk space is quite extensive and a seat back that can be set two corners make this car more practical.

Not to mention, the reliability 1NZ-FE engine which powered great also about fuel frugality. Diverse selection of variants and deserve to be invited on vacation for you and your family.

4. Suzuki APV

Year: 2004-2011
Engine: 1,493 cc 4-cylinder, 105 hp
Price: USD 70-140 million

+ Accommodation, passenger capacity, legroom
- Mechanical pit, seating position, yet variable valve


Since the entire engine under the car is automatically this will add space to the room becomes more spacious cabin. It is suitable as a family car because it can accommodate a lot of people.

For the record, the engine uses variable valve so nothing special on acceleration performance and fuel.

5. Toyota Rush

Year: 2007-2010
Engine: 1,496 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 165-190 million

+ Image Toyota, higher selling prices
- Leg room is limited, the price is still expensive


Rush Machinery, 3SZ-VE DOHC VVT-i, proven performance. No wonder, if the engine also adopted a number of other cars such as the Toyota Avanza S, Daihatsu Luxio and Terios.

6. Nissan Grand Livina 1.5

Year: 2007-2009
Engine: 1,498 cc 4-cylinder CVTC, 109 hp
Price: USD 130 -170 million

Tenderness + suspension, fuel efficient, 7 seater
- Features, third row bench undivided 50:50


Engine performance and stability of steering the Grand Livina is number one but not the terlega cabin space although it can carry 7 passengers. Seating backside impressed exclusively for transporting small children.

Moreover HR15DE engine used is very efficient in processing the fuel. Ground clearance of 185 mm high starting making freely across potholes.

7. Toyota Avanza 1.5

Year: 2007-2010
Engine: 1,496 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 135-155 million

+ Population, easy maintenance, the image of Toyota, resale value
- Model, storage space, hard suspension


Although 1.5 is Toyota's most luxurious option, but it can not be denied Avanza display starts to look old. Mainly because the model is relatively unchanged since 2004.

8. Daihatsu Terios

Year: 2007-2009
Engine: 1,496 cc 4-cylinder, 109 hp
Price: Rp 135-165 million

+ 7 passenger capacity, ground clearance, value for money
- Image is less luxurious, limited legroom


Just like his twin brother is toyota rush, but it has a lower price. Cabin space is rather limited due to the large dimensions that are too divided to 7 passengers. Although it has a performance that is not too big but Daihatsu Terios car is very easy and cheap to maintain.

New Honda Cars Promo

New Honda Cars Promo. To further embed the name in the eyes of consumers Honda homeland honda parties give their latest promo, titled "Time to Have Honda" especially for the type of car Honda Freed and Honda Brio.

Honda's latest program allows you to buy a cheap car with a mild interest repayments. To purchase a car Honda Brio Type S and E. As for the Honda Freed type S and E. With the latest features offered features two cars is not impossible that this latest promo honda will increase sales.

Honda brio offered with rp 1.5 million installments each month to earn bonus Extra Care Honda 5 year warranty (3 years + 2 years extension), then for Honda Freed also has the same mortgage is 1.5 million per month and the same bonus (3 years + 2 years extension). Bonus V-kool glass. For type E, there is a 0% interest free for 2 years as well as V-Kool window film and leather upholstery. For more details, please go to the honda dealer nearest you for the end of the year promo buy honda car.

Jonfis Fandy, Marketing and After Sales Service Director PT HPM hope the programs offered at the end of the end of the year can really facilitate prospective customers of Honda in Indonesia to have a variant of the Honda Brio and New Freed.

Honda parties and consumers would be expected to accommodate the desire of every person to have a car with a low interest rate mortgage. Especially for a superior product that is honda Honda Freed and Honda Brio.

All New Toyota RAV4 Indonesia

All New Toyota RAV4 Indonesia. One car that awaited its emergence in Indonesia is Toyota RAV4. The car is now in its fourth generation is still alluring. The news of a comeback with the latest version has many outstanding, reportedly of Toyota's new SUV to be showcased at the exhibition in Brazil 2013. Some pictures of the car being tested has been widely circulated on the internet. This further strengthens the car's appearance next year. But so far has not been ascertained whether the Toyota Rav4 will be marketed in Indonesia.

In Indonesia there is a kind of SUV cars that are not less good as the Honda CRV. Toyota Rav4 arrival in Indonesia will certainly disturb the market share of Honda CRV 2013.

The designers look to renew toyota RAV4 with additional lines and curves of the body that is more progressive. In the next section looks at first glance like a car toyota auris.

On the dashboard of the Toyota Rav4 is very easy to operate. All primary and secondary buttons for the driver is located in close reach of the driver. On the instrument panel lighting are a bright blue illumination. Indicators such as tachometer, speedometer, and fuel are presented with the standard view.

There are several variants of the Toyota RAV4 is offered the type of LE and XLE. In addition there are the most expensive type of the Limited leather-clad interior design with features and panel MID bluetooth.

There is Entune multimedia system that displayed through LCD screen measuring 6.1 inches. Then also applied BSM security system (Blind Spot Management) to facilitate the driver when turning or rotating direction.

For machines used Toyota RAV4 V6 engine is using 2500 cc 4 cylinder in line that can give a power of 176 hp at 6000 rpm Puteran. Carrying automatic transmission with sequential shift 6 speed makes this 2013 new car has great power typical SUV.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Car Price Lates

Suzuki Grand Vitara Car Price Latest. At some time ago the Grand Vitara has just introduced at the IIMS 2012 held in Jakarta. Finally at the end of this year the Suzuki began marketing in mass Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4. Located in South Jakarta area Suzuki hopes the new model is able to follow the footsteps of its predecessor is quite popular in the market. In the past year suzuki grand Vitara managed to donate 11% rate of suzuki car sales across the country.

"We are targeting the segment of people who like to drive and need a car capable in all fields. Usually they are young executives who are aged between 35-45 years, "stated endro nugroho as director of marketing and dealer developtment PT SIS in Indonesia at the time of the exhibition beralangsung sidelines.

Although there are some additions and changes experienced side but still the same price offered to the grand Vitara earlier. To All New Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013 Suzuki Indonesia is the sales target of 100 units per month. There are 5 color options for the new car from Suzuki this time are: Bison Brown Pearl Metallic, Gaia Bronze Pearl Metallic, White Pearl, Silky Silver Metallic and Black Pearl Metallic Bluish. To be more detail about the shape and appearance this time Suzuki Grand Vitara Suzuki dealers can visit the nearest dealer in your city.

Price New Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 (Manual): Rp. 324 500 000
Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 (Automatic): Rp. 335 500 000

New BMW X6 car Start Marketed Indonesia

New BMW X6 car Start Marketed Indonesia. At the end of 2012 by 2013 BMW began introducing the new cars in Indonesia, namely the BMW X6. Introduction is done in one of the restaurants in South Jakarta. This car also became the last car introduced in the country of 18 December. With the presence of the latest series of the BMW X adds to the list of BMW X series in Indonesia.

Since its first appearance in the last 3 years the BMW X6 record sales of 150,000 units worldwide. Truly remarkable achievement. Public interest to see this car certainly has its advantages in the eyes of consumers. BMW Indonesia's own party hoping with this new line-up can boost BMW sales in Indonesia. Ramesh said Divyanthan, Director of BMW Group Indonesia.

There is no significant change for the X6 series are sold in Indonesia this time. With a futuristic design and unique combination of style and elegant coupe car can attract thousands of consumers.

Many new features are quite functional in the car such as Active Steering and Adaptive Drive and silencer and rill stabilization. With so cars BMW x6 will be more stable ride. For the price of Indonesian BMW X6 will be released at RP. 1,768 billion.

2013 Volvo R Design Indonesia

2013 Volvo R Design Indonesia. Volvo car manufacturer re-issued the latest cars line up for 2013 is the presence of a hatchback car that has a stylish and modern design. Latest volvo hatchback car that is ready to go to Indonesia is a Volvo V 40 R.

Volvo V40 R Design comes in blue making its appearance more attractive. It also features embedded with advanced technology in the cabin. The interior design is sporty and strong engine performance can round up to 254 hp.

Accuracy volvo v 40 R car design to every detail include expressive design, agility and precision performance, "says Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President Product Strategy & Vehicle Line Management at Volvo Car Corporation.

The front of the car Volvo V40 R Design is using good material to coat the front grille with chrome color that looks luxury. Carrying alloy wheels measuring 17 and 18 inches makes the gahar and stylish appearance. For feature selection are driving Elegance features, Echo and Performance.

There are two engine options for Volvo V 40 R design is that gasoline and diesel for the D2 type. For the diesel engine can give off power 115 hp and CO2 emissions at 94 g / km (3.6 l/100 km to the type with the highest performance T5 petrol turbo engine-powered 254 hp.

However, until now there has been marketed in Indonesia. Volvo own party has also promised that this flagship car will be marketed in all areas of marketing including Volvo namely Indonesia. This was disclosed by PT Indobuana Autoraya brand as the official distributor of Volvo cars in Indonesia.

Honda Brio Sedan cars in 2013 Indonesian

Honda Brio Sedan cars in 2013 Indonesian. After some time ago with the successful sale of Honda Brio hatchback version is now the Japanese automaker, Honda is also working on a variant of the type of honda brio sedan. 2013 honda brio sedan has also been launched in Thailand by the name of Honda in Thailand but in Indonesia Amaze marketed under the name Honda Brio.

If at first glance it looks similar to the honda brio hatchback version. But there are some differences on the front grile. Terleihat brio sedan front grille slightly wider and longer like Honda City. Models the rear bumper also has a distinctive tail sedan.

Brio sedan version is also marketed with 4 variants of the same as the hatchback version of the S / MT, S / AT, V / MT, V / AT. For the most expensive variant of the class V automatic that appreciated 521 Thai Baht currency. If dirupiahkan equal to 164 million dollars.

2013 honda brio sedan engine using 16 1.2 L 4-cylinder i-VTEC V smaller than the hatchback version. For a very economical fuel consumption that requires only 1 liter of gasoline to travel a distance of 20 km. Usually car production in Indonesia will be in line with the car first introduced in Thailand. So, we wait for the sedan version of the Brio presence in Indonesia next year likely will be introduced in 2013.

Toyota 86 Hachiroku Convertible Ready to Roll in 2013

Toyota 86 Hachiroku Convertible Ready to Roll in 2013. After getting a lot of awards as the best coupe car on a car that was issued mid-2012 that is now the 86 toyota Toyota is working on another variant of the Toyota 86 that is for the type of car Convertible. With an aggressive design typical of young children naturally if toyota 86 have many takers though high-priced around 600 millions.

This news was reported by Autocar, Toyota will soon introduce a convertible version of the Toyota 86 in the middle of next year precisely in March 2013 when the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

Toyota designers worked hard to create a car convetible this time the article to maintain a minimum weight of the car when running hard. In addition to the back of the passenger seat so that the car will pass this spring pure coupe only has 2 passenger seat and adds special. For power generated will probably remain the same as the standard version due to Toyota 86 type is now carrying capacity of 2.0 L boxer engine and can give off power to 200 hp.

Honda Jazz Twist 2013. Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Twist 2013. Honda Jazz got interested to try Crossover car market share following the other competitors who also have car-type crossover mainstay for Suzuki's call it the Suzuki X-Over and owned Nissan the Nissan X-Gear. Honda itself relying parties formed a Honda Jazz Crossover. But unfortunately this car has not been marketed in Indonesia, so far traded in Latin America, namely Brazil country. But if the public interest against honda jazz crossover is high enough it is possible the car will be brought to Indonesia in 2013.

Because this type of crossover cars certainly have significant differences. Car foot position is higher than the standard type that exist in Indonesia today.

Honda Jazz Twist comes with two engine options namely 1.4 L gasoline that can give off power 100 hp and a 1.5 L that can give off power 115 hp.

Most likely next year honda new cars will soon be introduced in Indonesia.

Price this 2013 Honda Jazz Twist released at a starting price of 274 million rupiah. It cost 48 million dollars more expensive than honda jazz standards.

New Cars BMW 320d Indonesia Ready to Roll in 201

New Cars BMW 320d Indonesia Ready to Roll in 2013. When towards the end of the car manufacturers began to compete to the end of the race provide promos like the latest promo honda. In addition they are also preparing a new strategy to compete with its competitors next year with the launch of the new car is more fresh and better features. Do not miss the German car manufacturer BMW is preparing a new car BMW 320d 2013.

Rumor presence next year BMW presented itself by marketing director of BMW Indoneseia on the sidelines during the event launching the BMW X6 in Jakarta some time ago. "Next year we will launch the BMW 320d. When exact date still can not be delivered now, "he said.

The plan will rely BMW 320d 4-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 2000 cc with turbocharged. With a large capacity engine the car is capable of removing the power up to 180 hp with torque rhino. But for the sake of fuel efficiency push to lure Indonesian market seems the BMW will be making a few changes.

Hino Ranger Trucks Roll Newest Indonesia

Hino Ranger Trucks Roll Newest Indonesia. Coinciding with the anniversary of the 30th PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia starting line-up introduces its newest truck Cruising Ranger Hino FM 285 JD in Jakarta.

President Direkur PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia itself says "this latest price Hino Ranger will be the successor to the previous series because it has a more formidable force, Emerging capabilities also better plus more for Hino Ranger is more economical in the affairs of the fuel because it uses the latest technology machines diesel common rail ".

Hino truck for this time using the latest technology so that replacement injectors are not too complicated to go through the computer settings. To overcome the poor quality fuel in Indonesia, especially the price is also quite expensive new Hino truck is complete with 3 fileter solar supply system with the press. So that the power generated Newest Hino Ranger Trucks are larger and more durable machine.

For the price has not been clearly defined by Toshiro Mizutan during the press conference. But he made ​​sure that Hino FM 285 JD Cruising Ranger will remain affordable price.

New Cars Dodge Journey FLC 2013

New Cars Dodge Journey FLC 2013. PT Garasindo Inter Global as an official distributor of the Dodge car brand do square off to car competition in 2013 with a refresh with concept Dodge Journey Family Luxury Crossover (FLC). Referring to the concept car a comfortable and luxurious family is ideal for each individual. With stable handling and cabin are relieved enough to accommodate family and daily needs.

Some changes were made in the New 2013 Dodge Journe FLC is to appear more fresh, so not boring. Starting from the Dodge emblem on the front grille, alloy wheels, handle Pinu, roof rails and much more that you can see in the Dodge car dealerships in your town. Steering ratio is also amended to increase the accuracy of the driver handling.

"Briefing segmentation also purifies the meaning of crossover lately started bias in the automotive world country. Dodge Journey, explaining the meaning of true crossover. Have utility MPV and SUV body style. "Said Rieva Muchsin Chief Marketing Officer of Chrysler Indonesia on the sidelines during the launch.

The plan New 2013 Dodge Journey will be marketed in Indonesia early next year. And the price also has not been released officially, but likely will not be much different from the old price considering the competition cars in the country are getting tighter. So, we wait for the next update.

2013 MINI Cooper Paceman Indonesia

2013 MINI Cooper Paceman Indonesia. After some time the car manufacturer MINI brand to perform its NOT NORMAL. European car is increasingly showing its existence in the Indonesian automotive market with the launch of a new variant in the next year. MINI Cooper Paceman is projected to rake in sales in 2012 doubled compared to yesterday where every single day MINI cars sold one unit.

Kamin is preparing the latest variant of the MINI Cooper Paceman to enter the automotive market in Indonesia. Plans new mini cooper car will be enjoyed by consumers in mid-2013 to be exact April. Jentri said Izhar Indonesia Head Of MINI brand sidelines during campaing "NOT NORMAL" in the Bogor Botanical Gardens yesterday.

Although already confirmed the arrival of its latest variant, but MINI Indonesia can not specify the price and specifications. Maybe there will be some slight changes to adjust fuel conditions in Indonesia and the tropical climate.

In addition to introducing the new car launch line-up next year, MINI also opens new dealership once authorized workshops in the area of ​​South Jakarta.

Comparisons All New Nissan Serena

Comparisons All New Nissan Serena, Toyota NAV1, the Mazda Biante. Although Nissan Serena 2013 has not been officially launched in the country but PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, as the official distributor nissan car very confident this time will be a new car, the article belongs nissan MPV will be less costly than the latest car in the MPV class competitors such as Toyota Nav -1 and Mazda Biante.

"All New Nissan Serena is very competitive compared to competitors nice views of the specs and the price," said Teddy Irawan, Vice President Sales and Marketing Director of PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia in the middle of the introductory test drive Nissan Serena in Bandung.

As the information we receive price toyota Nav1 398 million dollars and is priced Mazda Biante price is 380 million dollars. While Nissan Serena comes amid Indonesai family at a price that is more affordable at prices on the road range from 370-390 million dollars. The price range will depend on the type of car that you message is for the lowest variant LX 2.0 to highest 2.0 Highway Star variant.

With so nissan should not worry because it is a step ahead of its competitors that fix prices more expensive. The Nissan is very optimistic that the new car will dominate the homeland MPV market, which is still controlled by the manufacturer Toyota Kijang Innova and Toyota Alphard. For other models Nissan MPV Evalia memili also as a hero for nissan car sales boost in the country.

Budget MPV family car in Indonesia

Budget MPV family car in Indonesia. Approaching the end of 2012 is in sight holidays and anticipated later. Before doing the routine again in early 2013. In choosing a vehicle for families with type MPV cars it will be needed. Because of the holidays with the family will need a large car space can accommodate every member of the family and luggage needs. Although the latest MPV cars in Indonesia are quite expensive at 200 million up then there is no harm if the budget is not sufficient to membil cheap MPV car as long as needed.

Cheap car Indonesian MPV Options

1. Nissan Evalia

Evalia MPV is low ranks as among our references. From the interior is quite roomy Evalia in its class. Carrying a wheelbase of 2725 mm, Evalia can bear about spaciousness in the cabin. Cars that have a capacity of 7 passengers also have 6 models setting area, where you can fold the seats in each row to add to the spaciousness of the cabin. In addition to matters compartment also did not lose much.

Evalia for the top variant is equipped with a rear blower that makes the situation continues to cool the cabin when doing long trips, but only Nissan Evalia equip with glass models are very small to reduce the level of comfort. Likewise with leaf springs suspension is considered less reliable dampen vibration, but if his speech problems Evalia price may be way out as having low mpv roomy cabin area.

Price: Rp 145-188 million rupiah

2. Toyota Avanza Veloz

For a product that is indeed the car seems to be a million people to the population in Indonesia. Charge that much the most competitive price coupled seemed quite tempting a few people, not to mention coupled with its resell value is pretty good. To talk about the features, toyota Veloz also offer the highest variance in the avanza is quite complete. It's just less toyota examine the safety factor in the absence of airbags in the cabin.

To measure the space, although not as big as the Evalia avanza, toyota but quite astute when designing the interior area can seem roomy. The third row can still be folded up in line 2 is more optimal in terms kenyamananya.

Price: Rp 184 million rupiah

3. Suzuki Ertiga

As a newcomer, Ertiga is plotted as a rival of avanza actually more inclined to offer something new and fresh. Starting from the design is more stylish to feel more comfortable cabin. Despite having dimensions compact, but roomy design Ertiga in the head room and leg room. Rear / third row is designed as comfortable as perhaps, with lever drag folding and sliding on the seat 2nd, relieve passengers in and out of the 3rd row.

Not only that, to put forward in terms of comfort area cabins is equipped with an efficient silencer tone or NVH: noise, vibration, harshness. Besides, in terms of Ertiga also prioritize ergonomic steering wheel so there is voice control. It's just Ertiga is indeed having an engine capacity under avanza and Evalia but to talk about performance can be pitted anyway? Besides other shortcomings that still exist within the Ertiga variants manual transmission only and no rear blower.

Price: Rp 167 million rupiah

4. Daihatsu Luxio

Product this one actually has fairly old, but if speech problems spaciousness kabinya have no need to be questioned again. Took the van like a plan with the comfort of sitting area configuration. In the 2nd row seating area has a sliding seat row models that it is possible to obtain passengers more comfort. But for the little riders can interfere with engine heat right there when the road far below.

For the price, Daihatsu is a pretty competitive option. Carrying machine 1. 5l with automatic transmisis, in about daihatsu fuel consumption also promises its best efficiency.

Driving Tips Car, Car Braking Distance

Driving Tips Car, Car Braking Distance. There are still a lot of accidents that occur on the highway. It could have been a careless car drivers who do not pay attention to how to drive well with regard to the braking distance of a car that was in front of him. In addition to these factors could also be because there is communication between motorists are careless on the highway.

A vehicle takes pause when braking so we as drivers have to understand this. For the record every car has a braking distance to stop at different times different.

Car VS Speed ​​Distance

Of case studies that have been done if the condition of the car is not braking problems with other words in good condition then any increase in speed will affect the stopping distance of a car is quadratic. For example, when your car speed 25 km / h braking distance is needed to stop as far as 3 meters. And beyond 50 km / h takes 6 meters. 100 km / h: 50 meters. 200 km / h: 200 meters. Conceivably be possible if the distance is too far, but when you first apply the brakes and braking under normal conditions and dry asphalt.

Braking reaction time

Man and the car still requires a reaction when sudden braking. The human brain takes 1 second to prepare a new event that shocked and it took 0.5 seconds to bereakse brake pedal.

After people react, the car also takes time to react braking. Car in good condition braking takes 0.2 seconds to work optimally. It means that no time is lost 2 seconds when you first do the braking. For example, if you're driving with a speed of 100 km / h means you lose distance of 27 meters to the foot brake pedal.

Type Affects Car Braking

Type of car in question here is like sedans and SUVs or the other. Although it uses the same braking technology but because of heavy vehicles have different braking results were different then.

If no load, SUVs require longer braking distance than a small sedan. As per the law of physics, cars with heavy weights will generate great momentum.

Therefore some tips cars including braking distance with the car in front of him should not be underestimated as it concerns your life and other people in the event of a traffic accident.

Latest New 2013 Dodge Journey

Latest New 2013 Dodge Journey. New car variant of the Dodge has released Dodge Journey SXT Platinum. This car was launched by PT Grasindo Inter Global as the holder of the Chrysler brand in Indonesia.

Dodge Journey comes in the middle of the Indonesian family with 3 variants: SXT, SXT and SXT Platinum Luxury. Where SXT Type Platinum is the highest variance so the price is more expensive than others of course, accompanied by the addition of extra amenities and features auto accessories.

Exterior Design

From the outside of the car or the car's exterior dodge journey SXT Platinum will not vary much with the other types. Macho impression remains 7 passenger cars are shown. With a strong front grille shape and sharp headlights this car deserves to be exhibited. Using 19-inch alloy wheels berpalang 5 makes it seem taller SUVs and control the streets.

Interior Design

The first impression of the car cabin this 2013 dodge journey FLC is modern and ergonomic. Dimuali of several rows of neatly lined control panel to run some important features or extras. Features advanced features are also already in the car. Widest part of the car is also wider than other crossover SUVs in Indonesia when all passenger seats folded.

With leather upholstery makes this car look more luxurious. There is a dimension of LCD monitor 8.4 "multifunction connectivity terintgrasi with GPS Navigation and a rear parking camera and LCD as well as a 9 passenger entertainment while on a long journey. Dodge Journey also features versatile luggage at the passenger seat is equipped with a cooler is arranged in such a way as not to disturb the other passengers.

New Dodge Journey Prices 2o13

Dodge Journey 2.4 (4.3 Inch Head Unit)
Dodge Journey 2.4 (8.4 Inch Head Unit)
Dodge Journey 2.4 Luxury (*)
Dodge Journey 2.4 Platinum (*)
Dodge Journey 2.4 SXT (*)
Machinery And Safety

New 2013 Dodge Journe use the 2.4L engine used in all three variants. Indonesian security and dodge car is quite safe with amenities such as active head restraints, 9 airbags are scattered in the cabin, Electronic Stability Control plus Traction Control, ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist. New Chevrolet Captiva 2013 could possibly be the rival of this car because it still looks macho with a cheaper price.

Driving A Car In Night

Driving A Car In Night. When you decide to drive at night is not without consideration. If driving during the day will feel the heat and dust as well as the density of vehicles that can cause jams. Driving at night was an option but there are a few things to consider when you decide to travel at night.

1. More Casual

When evening arrived the atmosphere will be cooler than during the day. But the physical condition must also be prepared for the evening is the time before bedtime so try to travel long distances at night rest. And when the middle of the journey feel sleepy should stop immediately because it is very dangerous.

2. Traffic More Lonely

Density of cars on the night will be very much different when during the day. The streets will be lenggan than usual. There is no public transportation, people come home from work, people to markets and other sources of congestion. Noteworthy is the night when many inter-city buses that travel at night and usually at high speed. Because the supervision of the police on the night will be reduced. You do not fall for speeding and remember safety first.

3. Mastering Field Trip

Inter-city travel will be very different than in the city that is no stranger. Therefore dominate the route must be considered. Because it can lead you astray, and with a good mastery of terrain you can avoid robbery prone areas used car under 50 million.

4. Ensure Prima Cars In Case

Traveling at night would require a completely new car condition was excellent because it will be more severe. Closely inspect the state of the engine, tires, brakes, lights, air conditioning, horn, until the rubber wiper. If you get some problem and felt confused terdekan please go directly to the garage. Then do not forget to keep emergency phone numbers such as local police, ambulance and the number of people closest to you so you can easily contact him if you are afflicted.

Car Tyre way

Car Tyre way. Sometimes the need to use the car not only when it is inside the city, but also to get out of town mileage is not close. Such as the need of work, vacation or going home to go home. Therefore iku top condition should be considered because a car will travel a considerable distance. If you do not eat things can happen that are not desirable such as a flat tire or a broken car and the car broke down.

Car Tire Maintenance Tips Before Travel Far

1. Checking Tire Pressure Wind

Tire pressure is the most important thing to note about the article if the tires do not have the wind it will be easily broken and the tires can wear unevenly. If the air pressure is too high then comb the tire will wear out quickly and if it is too low then the edge of the tire will wear faster. Tire pressure every car is different but in general the ideal car tire pressure is 30-35 psi common cold.

2. Using Nitrogen Wind

Than if a car tire filled with nitrogen common cold and wind so the wind is more stable nitrogen will keep the air pressure in the tires of the car. This journey will take effect when doing pretty much as usual the wind pressure will rise faster because heat rapidly. By using wind nitrongen this will not effect significantly due to winds and stable nitrogen cooler.

3. Perform Spooring and Balancing

Spooring is reset back to setting foot on the car in order to get back to normal position. With spooring the symptoms wear on tires will occur evenly.

Balancing is to make all of the burden on wheels and tires balanced so that the weight distribution of the car to the tire occur evenly.

4. Car Tire Rotation

Since the load is different car each corner then the rotation will make the tires work becomes more leverage. This will make growing longer tire life or wear does not last longer on one side only. And safer when driving a car at night.

5. Perform Shoe Ban

Tire polish will be very useful to maintain the flexibility of the tire so it does not dry and cracked easily broken especially when traveling far enough heat that causes the tire. Moreover tire polish will make your car look more sleek.

Gas Saving Tips Car

Gas Saving Tips Car. With rising petrol prices for the non-subsidized or first to make the attempt to save even more fuel consumption for its new cars. By using the petrol subsidy is actually not good for the condition of your car's engine, especially now appear discourse will take place restrictions on fuel subsidy so that we inevitably have to turn to non-subsidized gasoline. Below are tips to save fuel because the car kept soaring oil prices.

1. Routine maintenance machine

If the condition is not prime engine will make your car engine is not working optimally so as to make the car as stagnant and heavy during acceleration. Because of the heavier engine performance auto car fuel consumption will be more extravagant.

2. Using Mobil Oil Type Sport

By using oil type sports car then pull the engine will be lighter and the performance is not too heavy. Lightly with engine performance can increase energy and make your car more efficient gasoline consumption because the engine is not working too hard.

3. Using Standard Exhaust

Use a standard exhaust and do not change to the type of exhaust free flow that will only waste your car gas usage. Because this type of exhaust does not have insulation in the exhaust tube. Standard exhaust has been designed in such a way by the highly skilled technicians and experienced so do not need to be replaced to exhaust the eccentric.

4. Avoid High Round The Machine

At the time of driving the car does not try putran engine over 3000 RPM at shift gears as well. Due to the high engine speed cars contribute to inefficient fuel your car.

5. Use the Air Conditioner At Highest Level

Using the air conditioner at the highest level can cause your fuel consumption mobi more extravagant than usual. This is because when the A / C compressor at the highest level will live longer than the normal level. If compressors are living longer, work more berat.Jadi automatic machine used wisely in the use of A / C.

6. Not Too Boros Using Electric Cars

Electrical on the car audio system is usually used for. Like listening to songs on the loudest volume. And other devices such as LCD, blowers, etc.. So use facilities in the car sebutuhnya alone.

7. Car Tire Pressure Wind

Make sure the tire pressure the car in the right position because if the tire is less wind causes friction with asphalt to rise and affect the wasteful use of fuel becomes more severe due to the performance of the machine to turn the wheels of the car. In addition to the use of car tires recommended by an authorized dealer.

Car overcome Strike For Empty Water Radiator

Car overcome Strike For Empty Water Radiator, Car Strike. If you notice in the course of time temperature indicator on the machine to the limit of H (hot) and you stopped to check a car radiator water apparently empty water do not panic. Stop for a moment until the engine temperature decreases then the car radiator water then fill to the brim and flee to the nearest car repair shop to resolve the mater because if you can not strike a new car in the middle of the street and smoke.

If the engine temperature rise is usually a leak in the cooling system of the car. Needs to be checked one by one to solve this problem. The most obvious leaks can occur on the upper radiator tank. There are 2 options to fix a leak like this is a new one or replace it with another made ​​from brass. Upper tank can be obtained easily in the market and for custom made ​​from brass have made ​​themselves.

Furthermore hose leaking radiator hose can be caused by age interval itself. Just like a car radiator pipe that will drain the water to the water pump. If there are problems such as corroded it should be replaced with a new one because it can not be repaired.

Other parts that may leak the water pump, heater udadar existing cooling system and cylinder head pacing. If the air heater is the way to fix it in the bypass hose. And if exposed to the leaking head cylindr packing may have experienced due to the drastic increase in temperature and the car was forced to walk. Furthermore, if it all dipermaiki fill radiator coolant water so that the condition of the car is stable. Some of the tips above to bring the car to the nearest garage may not be realized if you do not pay attention to safety tips on night driving.

How to Clean Auto Glass

How to Clean Auto Glass. Conditions windshield is very important for your safety driving. Because if you do not clean the windshield can cause your sight impaired and can be fatal. Its function like ordinary glass that you wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle is blocking the wind that hit your body when driving.

Car Windshield Cleaning

The first thing to consider in the care of the windshield to keep it like new and does not obstruct the view is to make sure the condition of the windshield clean and dry. How to clean it up enough to use chamois cloth or fine textured.

If your car was parked under the scorching sun directly should avoid attaching the wiper on the glass front, because the rubber wiper on the glass can cause brittle latest car exposed to direct sunlight.

Next last tips is to use water mixed with hair shampoo used to clean the front windshield. Based on the research of water mixed with hair shampoo will be more friendly to the windshield glass and makes the car a more sleek.

Car Tips Flood Time

Car Tips Flood Time. If the rains come in several areas of Jakarta and its surroundings flooding has become an annual routine. Adverse natural conditions these road users such as cars and motorcycles. Because there are types of cars that can not stand the flood, if the car is hit by floods could total dead so it can not be used. Just imagine if you are stuck in the car in the middle of a flood, definitely uncomfortable.

Tips on Dealing with Flood Cars

1. At the time of heavy rains try to remain calm and focused on the development of traffic that occurs. Can be through radio or television channel.

2. Avoid flood-prone areas. If the flooding was not reversed flood broke through if possible. Because the cars are usually from the flooded car is experiencing congestion prolonged.

3. When the road requires passing seek a higher road surface so that your new car a little waterlogged. Or stop waiting for the floods to recede.

4. For those of you who break through the glass wiper flooding can cause jams. If this happens look for the nearest shop and buy a dab of soap. Apply the soap lengthwise on the upper part of the windshield. Because the soap directly causing rain water tumbling down without disturbing the view. Drive through a puddle of water slowly not speeding. Because if water gets into the engine air filter can cause sudden death.

5. After passing through the floodwaters must be checked is the brake the car. Because of this one component can be damaged if submerged in water long enough.

6. Bring to a reliable car repair shop to resolve some issues that arise after the flood. Or just a check-up.

How to Care Car Diesel Engines

How to Care Car Diesel Engines. In choosing a car we have several options that gasoline cars and diesel. Car diesel engine should not be underestimated type of car is in high demand because of the power and torque compared with gasoline cars. It is a question when you decide to buy a diesel car.

Actually diesel engined car maintenance is not much different from the petrol-engined car care. But that needs more attention is the regular service, so the water radiator and oil should not be delayed in replacing it because it can be fatal

For some cars, maintenance is done in multiples of 10,000 KM. "But usually there are up to 10,000 KM, because many consumers are still scared when I have to wait that long," he said. At 10,000 KM (6 months) and the first 20,000 KM, treatment usually includes tune up, oil change and oil filter change.

Next to car care in the first 30,000 Km repair the machine will be more than ever because of the use of the aged. It could be a car repair tune up, oil change machine, air conditioning filters, air filters, injectors and transmission oil.

Furthermore, to keep the diesel cars more durable by using non-subsidized fuel. As the use of subsidized fuel will usually experience a problem that is becoming more engine sounds coarse and large. Combustion process will not be as good as non-subsidized fuel. Besides the engine must also be cleaned with a car engine cleaning tips.

But in Indonesia rare gas station that sells non-subsidized diesel fuel. So we will be trouble and was forced to use subsidized diesel fuel. This resulted in the car being dirty injectors and should be cleaned more often. Machine also works harder than normal. So in conclusion do not use subsidized fuel. Use only if the state really forced.

Tips Cheap Budget Car Engine Upgrade

Tips Cheap Budget Car Engine Upgrade. When you buy a car with limited funds usually accelerated new car is not as desired. For example, as a car city car or other cars that have a cc is not too big so that the acceleration is not satisfactory. Usually the car car is intended for everyday and not concerned with the speed of the engine capacity of 1500 cc range only just. Below are a few tips to increase the speed of cars and the cars are categorized based on the available budget price is 5 million, 10 million, 15 million and over 20 million.

Budget under 5 million rupiah

If you have a budget of at least 5 million dollars that you can maximize the change in the intake and exaust. The intake section can be modified to perform open-type air filter change the filter or replacement. Furthermore, to be modified by replacing part exaust manifold, downpipe, center pipe, muffler end. If your car has the automatic transmission that needs to be considered is not to replace the center pipe section as if changed would make the performance of the car down. All tips upgrade this car depending on its design. With a few changes above can improve engine performance by 8-15 horsepower.

Budget under 10 million dollars

With a fund of 10 million dollars you can add a few parts engine modifications implemented after budget 5 million. Additionally the piggyback is used to change the ECU in order to improve the performance of the engine to increase the acceleration of the car. There are several brands to choose from namely Dastek and Apexi. With these changes the car's performance can be increased sepesar 15-25 horsepower.

Budget under 15 million dollars

For this big budget you can make additions to the polish on head porting machine. Aims to maximize the entry of air and fuel into the combustion chamber so that no space is wasted in vain. With the addition of this polish ported plus what the budget in 5 and 10 million dollars of your car engine performance can be increased by 20-30 horsepower.

Budget over 15 million dollars

If you have a budget that's more like you can do an internal change such as replacing the piston engines that have higher compression, camshaft, and so forth. By replacing the piston will accelerate the burning process and make acceleration increases.

Other additions are turbo system on the machine. This can be done by custom or bolt on the many available in the market. By adding a bolt turbo engine power can increase to over 50 percent. But the process will take longer. Because turbo bolt for city car is rarely available in the market. Usually used spare part is a sports car of the type that evolution mitsubishi or nissan skyline.

If you are in a high speed car make sure you pay attention to tips on car brakes. Now all depends on how much budget you provide in order to modify the car increases acceleration. But if you want to improve engine performance should not sacrifice the safety side. However safety is more important than a super engine performance.

Price Nissan Grand Livina Highway

Price Nissan Grand Livina Highway Star Latest On The Road Jakarta and Surrounding Areas. This car includes a car Indonesian family favorite. The reason may be offered at a price comparable to quality in get. Plus nissan grand livina car design that is not too out of date cars increasingly attract consumers in the country. Besides the car capacity is also large enough to mengankut 6 passengers.

Car Nissan Grand Livina Highway Star has the same engine as the standard grand livina, the difference lies in some facilities and more luxurious exterior design. Inline 4 cylinder engine equipped with 16 valve, DOHC and CVTC (Continuous Variable Valve - Timing Control) with a capacity of 1798cc with dayamaksimum / 126ps/5200rpm torque and maximum torque reaches 17.7Kg-M at 4800rpm, is available in the MT 6-speed manual transmission and Automatic AT 4 speed thats quite satisfactory as a family car.

Price Nissan Grand Livina Highway Star New:

Livina HWS Rp.202.600.000 MT Manual 1500 cc, 00
Livina HWS Rp.212.600.000 AT Automatic 1500 cc, 00
Livina HWS Rp.235.900.000 MT Manual 1800 cc, 00
Livina HWS Rp.243.200.000 AT Automatic 1800 cc, 00

Honda All New CRV 2013

Honda All New CRV 2013 Indonesia, Features More Complete than Previous Version. Have long enliven honda CRV car industry in the country. At present the newest generation of its features were updated to provide facilities commensurate with the price of honda crv a relatively expensive. The most recent feature ECON Mode is intended for the use of more economical fuel efficiency of 20%. This feature called ECO Assist, which will tell you the right time to save fuel and then you can press the ECON button Button to start with efficient fuel consumption.


There are slight changes to the design head lamp, front grille design and bumpers. This car show is more ferocious and arrogant. Fog lamp design also does not usually used by many cars circulating in Indonesia. Towards the stern of the car there are additional elegant spoiler and now All New CRV has a retractable roof sunroof. With glass Glass Heat Rejecting Green Tintet able to resist ultra-violet rays to enter the car in the car so it is not affected at all even though a lot of light in through the sunroof roof.

All New Honda CRV 2013 had a choice of 6 colors: White Orchid Pearl, Carnelian Red Pearl, Urban Titanium Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl.


This car can accommodate passengers pretty much the same as any other SUV Toyota Rush or Daihatsu Terios. But if only used 5 passenger luggage only can provide a wide enough space in the back. In the cabin of the car is also equipped Multi Information Display, AC with Dual Zone Climate Control and AC vents at the rear to create a faster cooling process, efficient evenly around the inside of the car honda crv 2013. Equipped with audio devices SVC (Speed ​​Sensitive Volume) which can adjust the audio volume with vehicle speed.


Security features are pretty standard for the price of the car class 400 million, with ABS and EBD braking system then Dual SRS Air Bag System for the front. Pretensioner and Load Limiter Seat Belt, Neck Shock Mitigation to minimize the possibility of injury to the neck when the collision unwanted. As an anti-theft device using the car's Anti-Theft Immobilizer System and Security Alarm.

New Price All New Honda CRV 2013

Transmission Capacity Price
2,000 cc Manual (MT) Rp. 359 million
2,000 cc Automatic (AT) Rp. 370,000,000
2,400 cc Automatic Rp. 404 million

New engine 2013 Honda CR-V uses two types of machines, namely: For the first machine type with a capacity of 2400 cc DOHC i-VTEC engine capable of producing maximum power up to 190 PS at 7000 rpm rotation, whereas for untir maximum power reached 22.6 kgm at 4,400 rpm rotation .

Then for the second engine with a capacity of 2000 cc engine type using i-VTEC SOHC maximum power that can be achieved is 155 PS at 6,500 rpm rotation while the maximum torque reached 19.4 kg-m at 4,300 rpm rotation.

Sport Autech Nissan March car

Sport Autech Nissan March car, Hatchback Laris Owned Nissan. This car was first introduced at IIMS 2012 in Jakarta yesterday. In this city car design was adopted nissan march but there are several spin-off body kit on the car so it looks more sporty. With a sleek body design and placement of controls in some of the actual car this car is designed for women.

There are a few things that differentiate the car nissan nissan march march Autech with the standard. The most striking is on the front grille and bumper design coupled with wider combination vent under the front multireflektor lights. It is used to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle in order to run more stable when driven at high speed.

Autech Nissan march sport carries the same engine as the XS version 1.2 cc DOHC who can shoot a maximum of 78PS at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 10.5 kgm at 4000 rpm rotation.


Prominent differences or new features that made the difference is that in terms of exterior design at Design New Exclusive Grille, Rear Emblem New Exclusive and Exclusive New Front Bumper for a while there in the interior design of the seat with a New Seat Material.

Price Autech Nissan march sport itself is not much different from the standard version, only the more expensive it is USD 5 million. 169 700 000 On The Road in the area of ​​Jakarta.

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2012

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2012 Has VR38DETT Machine Code. Nissan started to introduce the latest version of the Nissan GT-R GT3. The race car will debut next year, there beberpa change in engine durability, aerodynamics, suspension, wheels and balance ratio when braking. The bottom line is a spin-off aims to generate maximum speed.

By having a machine-coded VR38DETT, Nissan claims that the latest version of the GT-R GT3 is more resilient than its predecessor series. This time the car pasted with a capacity of 3.8 liter engine twin turbo. Power that can be sprayed with the 543 HP. Has a 6-speed manual transmission, and the car's speed nan stable with applications limited-slip rear differential. The implication of your back guaranteed stuck firmly in the driver's seat.

To maximize design forms so that less air crashing, Nissan widens the front fenders, and the rear wing changed its position to be more fitting. Plus some additional new body kit makes the car perfectly into a monster street.

For the price of car nissan GT-R GT3 pegged at Rp. 4.158 billion for the Asia Pacific region, including Indonesia. While the market for the united states nissan membandrolnya with price Rp. 4.121 billion, however this car can not be owned by everyone because the car was sold only to those who ordered.


Length: 4.780 mm
Width: 2,036 mm
Weight: 1,300 kg
Machine Model: VR38DETT
Capacity: 3,799 cc
Power: 405kw @ 6,500 rpm
Torque: 637Nm @ 5,000 rpm

Become a Best Selling Cars Daihatsu Cars

Become a Best Selling Cars Daihatsu Cars in Indonesian Both Under Toyota. Car company PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) can rest on its laurels, the article Daihatsu brand they made ​​it into the top 3 best-selling car in Indonesia, which ranked second. In the last quarter of this year sales of Daihatsu quite satisfactory, after the highest record sales this quarter compared to the previous sales of 15 322 units of the car. During the month of October alone Daihatsu achievement recorded by as many as 14 882 vehicles sold cars all over Indonesia.

All New Xenia accounted for as many as 6,463 units (43.4%), Gran Max 4,458 units (30.0%), Terios 2,691 units (18.1%), All New Sirion 637 units (4.3%) and amounted to 633 units Luxio (4.3%). The entire vehicle tersebutadalah main support wholesale sales of Daihatsu in Indonesia during October 2012.

Meanwhile, for the retail, selling 14 018 units mencatatkaan Daihatsu car, quite an increase compared to the previous month september which managed to sell 13,608 units of Daihatsu cars. For the record if Daihatsu in the first 10 months since January 2012 has gained sales exceeded 134,231 units. Figures ininaik 18% compared to the prior year gain in the same period. These results bring Daihatsu became the second best-selling car brand in Indonesia throughout 2012.

Seeing the enthusiasm of consumers to Daihatsu's homeland is a form of confidence in the quality and service provided to the maximum by the Daihatsu, said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Daihatsu Indonesia ADM.

Prices All-New Daihatsu Sirion

Prices All-New Daihatsu Sirion, City Car Compact From Daihatsu. This car includes a new car in 2012 is quite popular in the market. The reason is that we often find this car in the parking lot of a mall, supermarket or places of tourist attractions. Sirion car does have a pretty unique design, because this car was first designed in Europe precisely by designers from Italy.

Front grille design with a combination of multi reflector lights and bumper which gives the impression of sporty and vibrant. Seeing this car design is devoted to the young people that are attractive. But when compared to the best city car of my choice remains fell to the Suzuki Swift, swift car driving comfort is very okay at all.

But if you consider the price to suit each budget, all-new Daihatsu Sirion could be the right choice.

Daihatsu All New Sirion Price New 2012

All New Daihatsu Sirion 1.3 (M) Rp. 140 500 000
All New Daihatsu Sirion 1.3 (A) Rp. 151 500 000
All New Daihatsu Sirion engine carrying machine cc K3-VE 1.3 DOHC 16V WT-i 4-cylinder with 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5 speed car depending on the variant. Which become more value this car has features specific ISOFIX child seat that child.

New Car Price Toyota Vios 2012

New Car Price Toyota Vios 2012, 5 Passenger Sedan. Since it first appeared in 2006 became the successor toyota car toyota vios Solun has been widely received several prestigious awards. Because the design is very interesting from several generations made ​​sedan is able to survive in the competitive automobile industry in the country. New Toyota Vios car was never received Initial Quality Study for 3 consecutive years, it is enough to show the quality of toyota vios.

Toyota car has engine 16V DOHC inline 4-cylinder 1,497 cc 1NZ-FE VVT-i with the latest technology. And do not forget some advanced safety features by presenting technologies such as ABS, EBD, and BA at the front and rear disc brakes so the car does not skid when braking at high speed.

Car Prices Toyota Vios 2012

Toyota Vios 1.5 E (M) Rp. 216 050 000
Toyota Vios 1.5 G (M) Rp. 229 050 000
Toyota Vios 1.5 G (A) Rp. 241 850 000
Toyota TRD Sportivo Vios 1.5 G (A) Rp. 262 050 000
To feature a car, has 6 audio speakers, CD, AM / FM radio to accompany your journey. Other features are pretty standard for a mid-size sedan class.

Price Toyota Rush 2012

Price Toyota Rush 2012, Cheap Car SUV Indonesia. Toyota Rush SUV that is quite popular in Indonesia because it has a wide capacity of 7 passengers at a price that is not too expensive. Toyota body appearance does not look quite old-fashioned Rush to compete with new cars that are circulating in the Indonesian automotive market.

New Toyota Rush has exterior dimensions of 4,420 mm, width 1,745 mm, height 1,740 mm and axle distance of approximately 2,685 mm. At the front grille design was made ​​to be more sporty and resilient. At the rear lights are also visible compact with the car body, which is why this car may still survive in the auto industry market homeland. Peering into the car cabin, having impressed makeshift facilities and uncomfortable but it is treated with double blower AC hadirinya Rush for latest output. The bottom line in the comfort of the car is very less.

New Price Toyota Rush 2012

Toyota Rush 1.5 G (M) Rp. 198 700 000
Toyota Rush 1.5 S (M) Rp. 208 050 000
Toyota Rush 1.5 G (A) Rp. 208 700 000
Toyota Rush 1.5 S (A) Rp. 222 050 000
For Toyota Rush car engine uses a 4-cylinder inline DOHC 16V VVT-i 3SZ-VE 1,495 cc. And support EFI fuel system, rear wheel drive system and teknlogi EPS has become a standard feature of this car.

Honda Stream car RCZ 2013

Honda Stream car RCZ 2013 Already Starting Marketed in Japan. It has been several years ago the latest variant honda stream no longer marketed in Indonesia. So many cars circulating in the streets of Indonesia is a used car. You will not find a new car dealer honda stream in the entire country. But recently introduced in the country of origin is Japan's Honda Stream RCZ 2013 by the appearance of a more attractive and sporty. I think this car looks more similar to the Honda Odyssey.

Some of the changes seen on the front grille and the design of new, more aggressive bummper. To the stern also got a refresher, lamp made ​​more elongated with a design that dominates the box.

To spur the kitchen is relying on a new car i-VTEC engine 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter. 1.8-liter kitchen runway capable of producing 140 hp at 6,300 rpm with torque of 174 Nm at 4300 rpm.Untuk engine-powered 2.0-liter 150 hp at 4,200 rpm. Also available in two options CVT transmission and 5-speed automatic.

For information on whether this car will enter the Indonesian market we wait, praying that they can enjoy the convenience of honda stream again.

New Ford Fiesta 2013

New Ford Fiesta 2013 will be coming soon in Indonesia. American car brand that has showcased yesterday september Ford Ford Fiesta 2013 event at paris motor show 2012. Since then the car was introduced directly holds the record for the most sales in the category concept city car in Europe. It is not possible soon we can enjoy the features and facilities offered features ford fiesta, 2013, this car will be imported directly in the form of finished or not CBU reassembled in Indonesia.

With the presence of new Ford cars will threaten another car one category with ford fiesta 2013 as toyota yaris, honda jazz, suzuki swift and other cars. For additional information, ford fiesta car sales represent 50% of all car sales ford.

Features Features Ford Fiesta 2013

Interior New Ford Fiesta 2013 has the latest technology with Ford SYNC in car connectifity system feature that is used to select music, take calls using voice commands. Anything else is MyKey is used to limit the speed of the car and the volume of music being played. Not yet known whether the car ford fiesta 2013 will adopt advanced technology owned Ford Focus that allows the car to park itself.


For power, this latest car relies Ecobost engine capacity 1000 cc with a 3 cylinder engine capable of producing maximum power up to 100hp and the second is with a capacity of 1600 cc engine capable of producing maximum power of 177 hp. Ecobost technology is a technology developed by Ford to increase the fuel efficiency though the engine has great power.

All New Toyota 86 With New Appearance

All New Toyota 86 With New Appearance. Toyota sports car has been officially thrown to the Indonesian automotive market since the beginning of 2012, exactly in June. Toyota 86 Hachiroku itself is a sport sedan toyota slid for the first time in Indonesia, which will compete with competitors like the Mazda RX 8 which already exist in Indonesia a few years ago.

Toyota sports car presence in Indonesia reap the many positive responses, as shown by the number of reservations for this car has run diinden. Perhaps because this car has a unique design and is the first sports car toyota will add to the prestige of the person driving it.


That first impression when I saw this car was a pagoda shaped roof with a very sporty design and aerodynamic. Body curvature from the front grille, hood, car roof line to the stern made more slender and has 2 exhaust. Head lam front with lights multireflektor increasingly sharp, and adds a few extra sport spoiler on this car. Toyota 86 is 7 colors, namely: Satin White Pearl, Dark Grey, Crystal Black Silica, Sterling Silver, Lightning Red, Galaxy Blue Silica and Orange.

Price All New Toyota 86 Hachiroku Indonesia

Transmission Price
Manual (MT) Rp 600,000,000
Automatic (AT) Rp 610 million
Automatic (AT) Aero Package Rp 623 million
 Automatic (AT) TRD Aero Package Rp 636 million

Sports car must also have a machine that can be driven at high speed. All New Toyota 86 itself is equipped with a flat engine 4U-GSE boxer using the D-4S technology (Direct Injection 4-Stroke Gasoline Superior) with a capacity of 2000 cc engine capable of issuing up to a maximum thrust of 200 horsepower to spin 7,000 rpm while power untir / maximum torque of 205 Nm at 6,600 rpm engine speed. But despite having a machine that has a great power, which used the latest technology to reduce fuel consumption. Comparison to 1: 14.3 km (1 Liter gasoline can travel a distance of up to 14.3km).

Cheap Car Suzuki A Star Another name of Suzuki Alto

Cheap Car Suzuki A Star Another name of Suzuki Alto. After enliven the city car market with presence suzuki splash and the latest variant of the suzuki swift. Alan is now being targeted at low-cost car market in Indonesia. With the launch of Suzuki Alto car in India. In fact, if it had been introduced in India not long before the car will soon enter the Indonesian automotive market. Likely this car will go to Indonesia in 2013. Currently Suzuki A-Star is the cheapest car output Suzuki. Expected price will not be far adrift with Agya and ayla.

A Star is a name that was introduced to consumers in Indonesia. And abroad is named Suzuki Alto car. There is a fundamental difference suzuki a star and suzuki alto, suzuki a star if you have cc suzuki alto 998 cc but only has 800 cc. It's not too big strength because this car is tailored to the needs of urban to travel a short distance. DOHC engine with 3 cylinders and be able mengasilkan maximum power reaches 67 hp. Power is the same as that issued by Suzuki Karimun Estillo.

Price Suzuki A Star Indonesian

This car will compete with the price and ayla Agya so will not far adrift of the two is worth about 70 million dollars. This was disclosed by the director of PT Suzuki Indonesia Davy J Tulian.
Car Engine In The World Go To Indonesia. Engine from Ford that gets elected to award the best engine in 2012 this will be taken to Indonesia, namely 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine.

In an effort to provide the best for car consumers around the world, including Indonesia. This could be a consideration because of the latest technology can certainly reduce the use of fuel that is environmentally friendly and does not lead to global warming. This machine can be seen on New Ford Ranger, although the 2.2-liter engine capacity and power but the efficiency is equivalent to 3.0 liters. This indicates an increase in efficiency.

The number one man in Indonesia says that Ford EcoBoost engine is not only has a capacity of 1.0 liters, but it has many variants. This further cemented the image ford namely Quality, Green, Safe and Smart.

But for ford car type if this machine will be used, there are no leaks on it but we'll wait for the Ford had promised so.

In addition to the small engine 1.0-liter Ecoboost, Ford's most advanced plans in Indonesia is the highest variant soon bring the All New Ranger Double Cabin 4 × 4 equipped Wildtrack Automatic engine, ESP and Hill Descent Control. Newer models of double cab slid in the first quarter of 2013.

"We all variants memperkenalkannnya with his car, not just the engine alone," said Bagus Susanto, Managing Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI), in Semarang (23/11).

Review Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2013 SUV

Review Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2013 SUV dashing from Japan. Since its initial launch a few years ago, Toyota Fortuner 2012 a lot of attention of consumers cars in global. Even until now, believed to form the body of the car is high and sturdy to be one of the reasons the car is in great demand. On during the year 2012 alone Toyota posted sales of Fortuner mencapa 11 thousand units and became the most widely among car sales toyota other like toyota rush and the all-new Vios.

Cars production site in Karawang, Bekasi has many variants that are tailored to the needs of the community, including the Type G (Manual and Automatic), Type G Luxury, and variants of the most luxurious is the Type V with automatic transmission. For the design of the car body has undergone many changes or facelift since his arrival the first time in Indonesia. For information in 2008 called Facelit first generation later in 2011 to facelit second generation.


This car can carry 7 passengers still leaves space is wide so it can still be used to carry your luggage. Even the seat backside can also be folded if space is still lacking.

Then from the side of the cabin, this car has a stylish design with feature dashboard sophisticated among Multimedia System such as DVD, MP3, WMA and then features Automatic Air Conditioning is air conditioning which can adjust automatically the temperature in the car so that adds to comfort. Not only itusaja features car fortuner, more details can be found through browsur authorized dealer toyota plus it can be to ask the sales conversations.


This car had a facelift in 2012, namely the grille and lights the front of the sharper, the interior is also a bit there is the addition of wood paneling and feature air conditioning on the second row.


New Toyota Fortuner Latest carrying VVT-i engine with a capacity of 2.7L and 4.0L that uses gasoline, and machine D4-D Diesel capacity of 2.5 L and 3.0L use diesel fuel.

New Price Toyota Fortuner 2013

Number Variant / Type Car Prices
1 G AT LUX GASOLINE New Rp. 447,850,000
2 G AT LUX TRD GASOLINE New Rp. 473,300,000
3 V AT PETROL 4 × 4 New Rp. 499,700,000
4 G MT DIESEL New Rp. 384,750,000
5 G MT TRD DIESEL New Rp. 409,650,000
6 G AT DIESEL New Rp. 395 million
7 G AT TRD DIESEL New Rp. 419,900,000
Excellence Toyota Fortuner than other cars:

Car manufacturer Toyota is already well-known quality and certainly have value sales are quite high.
Car design firm and sporty thus indirectly could be a fashion trend for automotive.
Shape of the body is high, can protect the car from the water during the rainy season, and fit for off road with a field that is quite heavy.
Accommodation that can accommodate more passengers and luggage space are loose.

Colt Diesel FE 71 L More Choice

Colt Diesel FE 71 L More Choice. On the right day (06/12/2013) yesterday, PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors, an Authorized Distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Indonesia officially launched the latest variant of the family of the head of a yellow truck, named Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE71L.

According to Hecht, Colt Diesel FE 71 is the most popular product in Indonesia. Based on consumer demand for the presence of a new variant. MFTBC and PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) worked together to develop FE 71 with long chassis.

"I am very confident this new model can be accepted by our consumers in Indonesia who are looking for a vehicle that combines high capacity with easy operation while saving fuel," he explained.

Mitsubishi Colt Diesel Truck FE71L expected to be able to answer the needs of the business because it has a greater carrying capacity but still has agility that qualified. "This truck has a wheelbase and cab to end the longest in its class that is 3.350mm and 4.048mm. With a longer chassis, the Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE71L able to transport goods more and more efficient, "said Rizwan Alamsjah, Executive Marketing Director of PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian.

Truck is priced at Rp. 198.9 million (off the road), besides having greater capacity, and is also equipped with several features that can support the driver's comfort. "This truck has been equipped with Radio/CD/MP3 Player, Power Steering and Tilt Telescoping Steering," he added.

Selainitu some other features also add in Mitsubishi's new car;

- Mitsubishi In Dash Gear Shift, gear lever integrated dash makes the cabin more spacious.
- The cabin Jungkit to facilitate inspection and repair machinery.
- Water separator is easily checked by vehicle users.
- Inspection Lids under the passenger seat, so checking the machine easier.
- Power Steering and Tilt & Telescopic Steering, easy to adjust the driving position.

Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE71L 4D34 engine transports were added turbo and intercooler as well as New Injection Pump. With so capable of issuing power 110 PS, and claimed to be strong on the streets uphill and efficient in fuel consumption.

Efficient car, Jaguar XF Diesel in 2014

Efficient car, Jaguar XF Diesel in 2014. Jaguar re-issued the latest variant of the XF executive car that type four-door sedan and estate variants, which was considered as the most efficient vehicle for production.

"2014 Jaguar XF Diesel engine has been redesigned to make the experience at the Jaguar gets new segment. Users will enjoy the new design has been refined, a more luxurious and more seductive than previous Jaguar as well as benefit from lower emissions and more fuel efficiency. "Said Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover UK.

2014 Jaguar XF Diesel will be using the ECO2 2,200 liter diesel engine coded ZF with a capacity of 2200 cc that can produce a powerful 163hp and up to 400Nm of torque, with fuel consumption of 57, 7 miles / gallon and CO2 emissions figure is 129 g / km . Jaguar claims thrifty fuel is the result of the performance of the Twin Solenoid Starter that help reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption. Although more efficient fuel consumption, 2014 Jaguar XF is able to reach speeds of 100 km / h with only takes 10.5 seconds and reaches a topspeed 209 km / h.

2014 Jaguar XF Diesel will be offered with the 8-speed automatic transmission and will also feature embedded navigation system. Not only that, the 2014 Jaguar XF Diesel will also be offered with a new exterior color, ie, Osmium and Dark Sapphire.

'Baby CR-V' arrives in Indonesia

'Baby CR-V' arrives in Indonesia. The issue of the presence of the Honda CR-V small version has been rolling since at present in American auto show, North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January 2013.

In Indonesia, the presence information of new cars CR-V urban version also diidentitaskan as 'baby CR-V' also blowing since early last year. Now the latest info ensure its presence in Indonesia.

"Baby CR-V was studied, a smaller model of the CR-V cars in existence today. Honda later ones (from Indonesia) will be sent to Thailand to learn it, "said a source who knows the plan on Sunday (9/6).

The real curious how the design of the Baby CR-V?, Yes, because the last time it was exhibited in concept form then. But overall, the mention of "baby" did show a smaller size than the CR-V. The back of that look shorter, but still continue the tradition of the 5-passenger SUV like the All New Honda CR-V.

All New Honda CR-V itself comes in three variants. The most inexpensive type models 2.0 L manual transmission is priced at USD 359 million, and the automatic transmission is sold at Rp 370 million. Varian highest-capacity 2.4-liter engine with automatic price of USD 404 million on the road in Greater Jakarta.

In addition to more stylish than its predecessor, the all-new CR-V is also equipped with new features i-MID (intelligent Multi-Information Display) in the form of 5-inch color screen for displaying a variety of information, such as fuel consumption, audio, clock up wallpaper that can be filled with personal photos .

Desired look on i-MID can be set via steering wheel-Mounted Control is located on the steering wheel. This feature also functions to regulate the volume, and choose audio source without removing hands from the steering wheel and other buttons on the other dashboard.

Car prices Minibus Isuzu Elf 2013

Car prices Minibus Isuzu Elf 2013. Comes with a new model that comes with a box and a large enough force, making Isuzu Elf as a commercial vehicle which is suitable for a variety of your daily kebutahan.


For the exterior, although it does not look so atraktiff, but the exterior design of the new car Minibus Isuzu Elf looks pretty modern for a commercial vehicle at this time period. In addition, the design of the side glass and the front taper and wide, make it easier for the driver to get a clear vision for driving the commercial vehicle is made ​​by Isuzu.


Minibus Isuzu Elf interior also feels quite comfortable with the provision CD/MP3 to accompany the driver during a trip transporting cargo to the destination. In addition, for the minibus variants, a wide cabin also adds to the effect of comfort for passengers in it. With an ergonomic seat design, as well as the availability of facilities for passenger headrest, would further add to keayamanan during trips with this car. In addition, the driver will increase comfort while driving this car thanks to the availability of power steering thanks to the availability of technology that comes as standard on this car.


Isuzu Elf 2013 equipped with 4JB1-TC engine 2800 cc. Combined with a 5-speed manual transmission, this engine can generate power of 101 PS at 3,400 rpm with torque of 22.5 kg / m at 3,200 rpm.

Latest price Minibus Isuzu Elf 2013

NHR 55 2.8 Diesel (M)
NHR 2.8 55 E 16-Seater Diesel (M)
NHR 2.8 55 E 12-Seater Diesel (M)
NKR 2.8 55 LWB Diesel 20-Seater (M)

For safety factors driving this Minibus Isuzu Elf is guaranteed thanks to the presence of a variety of features that will surely add seat belts, rear camera, and dual hydraulic brakes with vacuum booster.

Car Prices Isuzu D-Max 2013

Car Prices Isuzu D-Max 2013. Comes with a new look, Isuzu D-Max looks more solid with the new design on the lights, grille, and front bumper. Isuzu pick-up of this comes in several variants, the variants with single cabin, double cabin standards, mining double cabin, double cabin extras, as well as Rodeo LS - which comes in a choice of manual and automatic transmissions.


The new design is clearly visible on the lights, grille, and front bumper implies a solid impression. With this new design, new car Isuzu D-Max seem able to conquer all terrain dlewatinya. In addition, its dimensions as a car pick up is also not disappoint. This car has a length of 4,760 mm, width 1,800 mm, and 1,760 mm high. This car has a distance of 3,050 mm measured from the front axle to the rear. In addition, the height of land at 225 mm.


Maybe some people feel the cabin Isuzu D-Max does not feel so comfortable. This is because the design of the elongated seat where the driver and passenger seats are designed together. Fortunately, available headrest which can slightly increase your comfort while driving. Air conditioning is provided as standard in addition to the design center console comes with 2 drinks. For business entertainment, the car is equipped with a 2 speaker stereo sound system and can play the tapes.


Isuzu D-Max uses 4JJ1 engine DOHC inline 4-cylinder with a capacity of 2,999 cc engine with turbo and intercooler. The engine has a maximum power of 136 bhp at 3400 rpm and maximum torque of 28.5 kgm at 1,200 to 3,400 rpm. Isuzu D-Max also uses a system of part-time 4WD wheel drive, combined with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Latest price of Isuzu D-Max 2013

D-Max DC-3
D-Max Double Cab 3.0 M / T
D-Max Karo
D-Max Mining
D-Max Rodeo LS 3.0 A / T
Rodeo D-Max 3.0 LS M / T
D-Max Single Cab 3.0 M / T

For the safety factor, the car is equipped with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes for the rear. In addition, also available security technology limited slip differential. In the meantime, for a suspension, independent double wishbone with torsion bar springs an option on the front. Meanwhile, for the rear suspension, used rigid leaf spring.

Car Prices Kia Rio 2013

Car Prices Kia Rio 2013. Kia Rio is a hatchback that is ideal for use maneuver in the streets of cities in Indonesia frequent congestion.


Section exterior, Kia's new hatchback looks very charming thanks to design projector headlamps and large multireflektornya tiger nose grille as typical South Korean automaker's current. Additionally, front fog lights, side mirrors incorporating turn indicators and can be folded electrically, rear combination lights, and brake lights are also positioned high up to make the outside look of the latest cars Kia Rio is getting looks attractive.


Kia Rio 2013 Interior is comfortable thanks to the ergonomic chair design thanks to the materials used for bandage. Moreover, the ride comfort will also be felt on the instrument panel is easy to read and comes with a trip computer and the headrest on the front seat. Meanwhile, the center console is simple but modern impressed. It also provided some other features like, AC, power window, power supply, USB connection / AUX / iPod, and audio system equipped with 4 speakers and 2 tweeters as well as Bluetooth connectivity and can also play radio, MP3, and CDs are also available as standard on this car. In addition, the rear seats can also be folded to increase luggage capacity.


Carousel hatchback is equipped with a 1400 cc engine DOHC Gamma CCVT on the kitchen spur. Combined with 6-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic, Kia Rio can generate power 107 PS at 6,300 rpm with torque of 13.8 kgm at 4,200 rpm.

Latest price of Kia Rio 2013

New Rio Hatchback A / T
New Rio Hatchback M / T

For safety factors, Kia Rio comes with disc brakes (front), drum brakes (rear), keyless entry, central door lock, parking sensors, ABS, airbags, 3 point seatbelts for front and rear cabin and 2 point seat belts for rear cabin.

Car Prices Mazda BT-50 2013

Car Prices Mazda BT-50 2013. As a pick-up truck, the Mazda BT-50 has a performance that is reliable and comes with an attractive appearance. So that makes the Mazda BT-50 is ideal for those who want the convenience of driving all the way. In addition, Mazda BT-50 also offers efficient fuel consumption as well as the design of the tub is cukuo for a pick up.


Mazda BT-50 looks attractive with 8 color options, namely winning blue metallic, black mica, silver metallic highlights, cool white, true red, silver highlights lagoon blue mica metallic, black mica metallic silver highlights, as well as ii titanium gray metallic silver metallic highlights . For the last three colors are present only for the type of cabin freestlye. Body design, front lights and rear lights also reflect the sporty character of the car there is a pick up of this Mazda.


Latest car interior 2013 Mazda BT-50 feels quite comfortable for 4 to 5 passengers at a time for freestyle variant cabin. Meanwhile, for a single cabin variants, interior Mazda BT-50 is also quite comfortable for 2 passengers. Comfort inside the cabin of the Mazda BT-50 is obtained thanks to an ergonomic seat design and a separate one from the other so as not tiring even have to travel that far. Thanks to a roomy and comfortable cabin, driving a Mazda BT-50 like driving a sedan car.


Mazda BT-50 comes with a 2,499 cc engine MZ-DE 2.5L 12V SOHC inline 4-cylinder. With this engine, the Mazda BT-50 is capable of producing maximum power of 109 PS at 3500 rpm and a torque of 26.2 kgm at 2,000 rpm. Ball and nut steering system with power steering and engine speed based fuel system mechanical fuel injection is also a mainstay pick up the car from Mazda.

Latest price of Mazda BT-50 2013

BT-50 DC-4 × 4 L
BT-50 DC-4 × 4 M
BT-50 4 × 4 DC Pro Basic M / T
DC Pro BT-50 4 × 4 High A / T
DC Pro BT-50 4 × 4 High M / T
BT-50 4 × 4 DC Pro Mid M / T
BT-50 Freestyle Pro 4 × 4 M / T
BT-50 Pro SC 4 × 2 M / T
BT-50 Pro SC 4 × 4 M / T

For the safety factor, the braking system of the Mazda BT-50 uses ventilated disc brakes while the rear section uses drum brakes. In addition, available also features ABS, EBD, airbags, power windows and a system that will automatically reopen when closed to avoid something pinched when the window is closed.

Car Prices New Mazda6 2013

Car Prices New Mazda6 2013. Developed the concept of "zoom zoom" of the previous generation Mazda, New Mazda6 really represent philosophy as a basis for the development of Mazda cars at this time. New Mazda6 is also the most luxurious sedan from the ranks of the Mazda sedan manufactured for the automotive market in the country.


Comes with a luxurious exterior both the front and back of the car makes it look very modern. In addition it will surely add comfort for the driver and passenger while driving with the latest New Mazda6 is the car.


New Mazda6 interior is equipped with various advanced features today with a sporty style. Convenience is also a major concern Mazda on this luxury sedan. This is clearly evidenced by, New Mazda6 cabin capable of carrying 4 to 5 passengers quite comfortably sekalgus. Obviously, the capacity of the luggage luxury sedan made ​​by Mazda is also quite large, although it must transport goods in large quantities.


New Mazda6 MZR using 2488 cc engine with a DOHC 16V inline 4-cylinder as well as the technology S-VT, VIS, and ETC. The maximum power that can be generated this engine reaches 170 hp at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque Sedankan reached 23 kgm at 4,000 rpm. New Mazda6 also use rack & pinion steering system with EPAS, front-wheel drive systems (FWD), and activematic 5 speed transmission from Mazda. EFI fuel system also comes as standard on this luxury sedan Mazda.

Latest Price New Mazda6 2013

2.5 (A)

for the safety factor of driving with New Mazda6, available ventilated disc brakes (front) and brake discs (rear). In addition, the system also provided the equitable distribution of collision impact on the entire side of the car which acts to minimize the loss suffered by the owner of New Mazda6 in the event of an accident.

Price Cars Trucks Isuzu Giga 2013

Price Cars Trucks Isuzu Giga 2013. 've No doubt if it is a manufacturer Isuzu commercial vehicles that are reliable and trustworthy that being an idol for some people. This time Isuzu comes with its newest product, Isuzu Giga Trucks. With all the advantages possessed by Isuzu Giga, will make this car ready to compete homeland automotive arena.


With the long dimension of the body, making the latest car 2013 Isuzu Giga Trucks are not fussy when used to transport a wide range of luggage, any shape and size. Japanese commercial vehicle made ​​by Isuzu is also capable of transporting the motor should jik to cars though. This car has an overall length of the car reaches 8625 mm, width 2,200 mm, height 2,540 mm. In addition, the large headlights that will ensure the driver always gets a clear vision about the state of the road in front of him.


In its interior, made ​​by Isuzu's commercial vehicle offers cabins with a capacity large enough. The cabin of this car can accommodate 4 passengers at a time.


To get the maximum performance, Isuzu Giga Truck is equipped with engine-TCC 4HK1 inline 4-cylinder 5200 cc. This machine is capable of producing maximum power of 190 PS at 2,600 rpm with a maximum torque of 52 kg / m at 1,600 rpm. Isuzu Giga Truck also comes with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Latest price of Isuzu Giga Truck 2013

5.2 FRR 90 Q (M)
5.2 FTR 90 L (M)
5.2 FTR 90 P (M)
5.2 FTR 90 S (M)
FVR 7.8 34 L (M)
FVR 7.8 90 P (M)
FVR 7.8 90 S (M)
7.8 FVM 34 Q (M)
7.8 FVM 34 W (M)
7.8 FVZ 34 P (M)

For driving safety for drivers, Isuzu Giga Truck is equipped with hydraulic brakes winds which would increase the level of safety and comfort you saar driving this car.