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Gas Saving Tips Car

Gas Saving Tips Car. With rising petrol prices for the non-subsidized or first to make the attempt to save even more fuel consumption for its new cars. By using the petrol subsidy is actually not good for the condition of your car's engine, especially now appear discourse will take place restrictions on fuel subsidy so that we inevitably have to turn to non-subsidized gasoline. Below are tips to save fuel because the car kept soaring oil prices.

1. Routine maintenance machine

If the condition is not prime engine will make your car engine is not working optimally so as to make the car as stagnant and heavy during acceleration. Because of the heavier engine performance auto car fuel consumption will be more extravagant.

2. Using Mobil Oil Type Sport

By using oil type sports car then pull the engine will be lighter and the performance is not too heavy. Lightly with engine performance can increase energy and make your car more efficient gasoline consumption because the engine is not working too hard.

3. Using Standard Exhaust

Use a standard exhaust and do not change to the type of exhaust free flow that will only waste your car gas usage. Because this type of exhaust does not have insulation in the exhaust tube. Standard exhaust has been designed in such a way by the highly skilled technicians and experienced so do not need to be replaced to exhaust the eccentric.

4. Avoid High Round The Machine

At the time of driving the car does not try putran engine over 3000 RPM at shift gears as well. Due to the high engine speed cars contribute to inefficient fuel your car.

5. Use the Air Conditioner At Highest Level

Using the air conditioner at the highest level can cause your fuel consumption mobi more extravagant than usual. This is because when the A / C compressor at the highest level will live longer than the normal level. If compressors are living longer, work more berat.Jadi automatic machine used wisely in the use of A / C.

6. Not Too Boros Using Electric Cars

Electrical on the car audio system is usually used for. Like listening to songs on the loudest volume. And other devices such as LCD, blowers, etc.. So use facilities in the car sebutuhnya alone.

7. Car Tire Pressure Wind

Make sure the tire pressure the car in the right position because if the tire is less wind causes friction with asphalt to rise and affect the wasteful use of fuel becomes more severe due to the performance of the machine to turn the wheels of the car. In addition to the use of car tires recommended by an authorized dealer.

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