Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Sport Autech Nissan March car

Sport Autech Nissan March car, Hatchback Laris Owned Nissan. This car was first introduced at IIMS 2012 in Jakarta yesterday. In this city car design was adopted nissan march but there are several spin-off body kit on the car so it looks more sporty. With a sleek body design and placement of controls in some of the actual car this car is designed for women.

There are a few things that differentiate the car nissan nissan march march Autech with the standard. The most striking is on the front grille and bumper design coupled with wider combination vent under the front multireflektor lights. It is used to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle in order to run more stable when driven at high speed.

Autech Nissan march sport carries the same engine as the XS version 1.2 cc DOHC who can shoot a maximum of 78PS at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 10.5 kgm at 4000 rpm rotation.


Prominent differences or new features that made the difference is that in terms of exterior design at Design New Exclusive Grille, Rear Emblem New Exclusive and Exclusive New Front Bumper for a while there in the interior design of the seat with a New Seat Material.

Price Autech Nissan march sport itself is not much different from the standard version, only the more expensive it is USD 5 million. 169 700 000 On The Road in the area of ​​Jakarta.

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