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Car Prices New Mazda6 2013

Car Prices New Mazda6 2013. Developed the concept of "zoom zoom" of the previous generation Mazda, New Mazda6 really represent philosophy as a basis for the development of Mazda cars at this time. New Mazda6 is also the most luxurious sedan from the ranks of the Mazda sedan manufactured for the automotive market in the country.


Comes with a luxurious exterior both the front and back of the car makes it look very modern. In addition it will surely add comfort for the driver and passenger while driving with the latest New Mazda6 is the car.


New Mazda6 interior is equipped with various advanced features today with a sporty style. Convenience is also a major concern Mazda on this luxury sedan. This is clearly evidenced by, New Mazda6 cabin capable of carrying 4 to 5 passengers quite comfortably sekalgus. Obviously, the capacity of the luggage luxury sedan made ​​by Mazda is also quite large, although it must transport goods in large quantities.


New Mazda6 MZR using 2488 cc engine with a DOHC 16V inline 4-cylinder as well as the technology S-VT, VIS, and ETC. The maximum power that can be generated this engine reaches 170 hp at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque Sedankan reached 23 kgm at 4,000 rpm. New Mazda6 also use rack & pinion steering system with EPAS, front-wheel drive systems (FWD), and activematic 5 speed transmission from Mazda. EFI fuel system also comes as standard on this luxury sedan Mazda.

Latest Price New Mazda6 2013

2.5 (A)

for the safety factor of driving with New Mazda6, available ventilated disc brakes (front) and brake discs (rear). In addition, the system also provided the equitable distribution of collision impact on the entire side of the car which acts to minimize the loss suffered by the owner of New Mazda6 in the event of an accident.

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