Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

New Ford Fiesta 2013

New Ford Fiesta 2013 will be coming soon in Indonesia. American car brand that has showcased yesterday september Ford Ford Fiesta 2013 event at paris motor show 2012. Since then the car was introduced directly holds the record for the most sales in the category concept city car in Europe. It is not possible soon we can enjoy the features and facilities offered features ford fiesta, 2013, this car will be imported directly in the form of finished or not CBU reassembled in Indonesia.

With the presence of new Ford cars will threaten another car one category with ford fiesta 2013 as toyota yaris, honda jazz, suzuki swift and other cars. For additional information, ford fiesta car sales represent 50% of all car sales ford.

Features Features Ford Fiesta 2013

Interior New Ford Fiesta 2013 has the latest technology with Ford SYNC in car connectifity system feature that is used to select music, take calls using voice commands. Anything else is MyKey is used to limit the speed of the car and the volume of music being played. Not yet known whether the car ford fiesta 2013 will adopt advanced technology owned Ford Focus that allows the car to park itself.


For power, this latest car relies Ecobost engine capacity 1000 cc with a 3 cylinder engine capable of producing maximum power up to 100hp and the second is with a capacity of 1600 cc engine capable of producing maximum power of 177 hp. Ecobost technology is a technology developed by Ford to increase the fuel efficiency though the engine has great power.

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