Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Car overcome Strike For Empty Water Radiator

Car overcome Strike For Empty Water Radiator, Car Strike. If you notice in the course of time temperature indicator on the machine to the limit of H (hot) and you stopped to check a car radiator water apparently empty water do not panic. Stop for a moment until the engine temperature decreases then the car radiator water then fill to the brim and flee to the nearest car repair shop to resolve the mater because if you can not strike a new car in the middle of the street and smoke.

If the engine temperature rise is usually a leak in the cooling system of the car. Needs to be checked one by one to solve this problem. The most obvious leaks can occur on the upper radiator tank. There are 2 options to fix a leak like this is a new one or replace it with another made ​​from brass. Upper tank can be obtained easily in the market and for custom made ​​from brass have made ​​themselves.

Furthermore hose leaking radiator hose can be caused by age interval itself. Just like a car radiator pipe that will drain the water to the water pump. If there are problems such as corroded it should be replaced with a new one because it can not be repaired.

Other parts that may leak the water pump, heater udadar existing cooling system and cylinder head pacing. If the air heater is the way to fix it in the bypass hose. And if exposed to the leaking head cylindr packing may have experienced due to the drastic increase in temperature and the car was forced to walk. Furthermore, if it all dipermaiki fill radiator coolant water so that the condition of the car is stable. Some of the tips above to bring the car to the nearest garage may not be realized if you do not pay attention to safety tips on night driving.

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