Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Hino Ranger Trucks Roll Newest Indonesia

Hino Ranger Trucks Roll Newest Indonesia. Coinciding with the anniversary of the 30th PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia starting line-up introduces its newest truck Cruising Ranger Hino FM 285 JD in Jakarta.

President Direkur PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia itself says "this latest price Hino Ranger will be the successor to the previous series because it has a more formidable force, Emerging capabilities also better plus more for Hino Ranger is more economical in the affairs of the fuel because it uses the latest technology machines diesel common rail ".

Hino truck for this time using the latest technology so that replacement injectors are not too complicated to go through the computer settings. To overcome the poor quality fuel in Indonesia, especially the price is also quite expensive new Hino truck is complete with 3 fileter solar supply system with the press. So that the power generated Newest Hino Ranger Trucks are larger and more durable machine.

For the price has not been clearly defined by Toshiro Mizutan during the press conference. But he made ​​sure that Hino FM 285 JD Cruising Ranger will remain affordable price.

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